IEU Experience


Lara Geermann is a first-year student in the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences. She has joined IE University’s Madrid community from Germany, and she is a curious and engaged student who wants to make the most of her university experience and ultimately have a positive impact on the world through her studies and future career. Aside from academics, she has worked as a dance instructor for a number of years and is an IE Foundation Fellow.


My name is Lara and I’m currently completing my Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences. I decided to study this subject because I’ve always been interested in psychology, but I was more interested in focusing on group behavior rather than the individual, which is typically what psychology hones in on. I was also hesitant to narrow my studies down to psychology alone because I am curious about lots of subjects. The Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences was perfect because it has a really multidisciplinary approach—it never gets boring! There are so many different perspectives to take—for example, you can consider the economic side or the psychological one—which makes the program very interesting.

Why did you decide to study at IE University?

I was drawn to IE University because of its internationality. I’ve always loved meeting people from all over the world, getting to know new cultures and learning about different viewpoints. There are students from over 160 different countries! Here at IE University, you have the chance to learn so much from others—not only the professors but also all of the other students in your program and around campus. 

In addition, since I’m from Germany, I’ve always hoped to study in English to really cement my fluency. Besides English and German, I also speak Spanish, so living in Spain is another opportunity to perfect my language skills. 

Finally, there are also very few institutions that offer degrees in behavioral science. Since this degree fits my interests exactly and is taught entirely in English, the choice was simple.

What skills do you think a Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences student must have in order to be successful?

Students interested in this program should have a deep interest in why people behave the way they behave and the underlying processes that inform people’s choices. 

The program is multifaceted and holistic, so it’s also important to be able to look at a situation from different angles and to use different lenses to understand it, whether they be social, psychological or economic. You’ll then get to transfer that knowledge to hands-on projects through your coursework.

What distinguishes the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences degree from a degree in psychology or sociology?

This degree program takes a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates numerous sectors and fields of study. You don’t focus on the individual but rather consider people’s interactions in groups and as societies, so you gain more of an overall picture. The aim of this knowledge is to then apply it in ways such as creating policies that encourage people to make better choices and engage in better conduct. 

Where do you see the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences leading you?

I can see my bachelor’s leading me in a lot of different directions. At the moment I’m most interested in working in the social field, perhaps at an NGO or an organization like the United Nations. I’d like to engage with something that has a social impact. Still, there are so many opportunities to consider, and I have plenty of time to gain more experience and try things out over the course of the rest of my time as an undergraduate. 

How do you think studying behavioral science will impact the world?

Behavioral science is a new field, but it’s becoming increasingly important and acknowledged. Accordingly, demand for behavioral scientists is rising as companies and institutions have begun to appreciate the importance of understanding human behavior and especially changing human behavior, which is a main focus of this field. Because of this potential to impact human behavior and choices, behavioral science can significantly change many different sectors and the world more broadly.