Clint Goodrich is IE University’s executive director of sports and well-being, a professor on leadership through sports and the head of men’s basketball. 

For Clint, the IE University Sports and Well-Being Center is a space to join in athletic and well-being activities, regardless of skill level or experience. The aim is to provide everyone with the chance to improve their well-being and have a sense of achievement through participation in a wide variety of sports and physical activities.

IE University students can try an extensive range of sports and exercise, including recreational sports, performance sports and other activities like yoga or fitness classes. The idea is to get together and have fun, as well as to get active and build healthy habits. 

Students can choose anything from hiking to kayaking, sailing to boxing or weekly yoga sessions—all activities are available for free. It’s really easy for students to join in or take up a new sport or activity at IE University as all activities and classes can be booked for free through the app.

For Clint, participating in sports is all about building one another up, setting goals and working hard to achieve them. Everyone is a beginner at some point and working to improve is a transformational process that can benefit everyone. Ultimately, sports are a way to thrive personally and as a community.