IEU Experience


Soon-to-be graduate of the Bachelor in Business Administration and International Relations, Giorgio Fouarge is embarking on one final challenge in his IE University journey.

To mark the end of five years in Madrid, Giorgio has committed to cycling 1,700 kilometers from the Spanish capital to his home in Brussels as part of the sustainability initiative Bike for Kivu. The cycling adventure will raise funds for Ngangi, a Congolese NGO based in the region of Kivu. Not only is it for a good cause, but it will also commemorate a personal milestone for Giorgio as he transitions from student life to his professional career.

“This trip is much more than a physical challenge. It will signify the transition from my academic life to my professional life—the end of the beginning and the start of a new chapter.”


The lengthy bike ride will be a fitting end to Giorgio’s time at IE University, combining his love of cycling with the various interests and values he has developed throughout his student life. He will use his zest for discovery and going outside of his comfort zone to support causes that are close to his heart, such as poverty alleviation and sustainability.

That’s one of the reasons he chose to support Congo-based NGO Ngangi, which uses educational initiatives to combat youth unemployment. In recent years, the organization has developed the Cultural Center for Entrepreneurship in Goma and expanded their scholarship program by collaborating with Belgian institutions. Their passion and determination to transform society, Giorgio says, are what make Ngangi such an inspiring organization to work with.

On a personal level, this trip will be an opportunity to put the skills Giorgio has gained from his undergraduate program into practice. Throughout his studies, he has honed his communication skills, and become more innovative and resilient. Now, by spreading the word about his project and undertaking an intense physical challenge to raise awareness about his cause, Giorgio will be able to use everything he’s learned as momentum to achieve his goal.

“IE University has given me the power and will to face challenges. This trip will help me to individually overcome obstacles, better my communication skills, and enhance my mental resilience by meeting new people and cycling for 10 hours a day. This experience will undoubtedly help me find my path, and will be valuable throughout my professional career.”

For Giorgio, cycling is also a means to promote sustainable practices within our local community. The global struggle against climate change and the urgent need to cut carbon emissions is a fight that inspires Giorgio in his daily life. As an institution committed to fostering sustainability through education, research, and community, we are proud to offer our support to Giorgio’s initiative.

In fact, the IE Community will play an important role in steering his project towards the finish line. You can follow Giorgio’s journey on the IEU Athletics Instagram account. And if you’re on his route, you’re welcome to join him or cheer him on. The university community may also wish to provide support by offering Giorgio a place to stay at checkpoints along the way or even a simple meal to fuel him for the next phase of his ride. Alternatively, you may consider donating to help Giorgio meet his goal of raising €1,800 for Ngangi’s initiatives. Community is key to making sustainable changes a reality—and Giorgio’s project is no exception!

“By gathering support from the university community, one of my objectives is to create a strong sense of togetherness and motivate the community to undertake purpose-driven challenges.

With the help of our community, IE University wishes Giorgio the best of luck—we hope his ride will inspire others to take action on the changes they wish to see on campus and beyond.