Design permeates nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. The design industry is way more than what’s perceived on the surface—it plays a strategic role in achieving effective outcomes and helping people reach their goals. Whether it’s digital, product, visual, strategic, urban, or interior, design has become a crucial cornerstone for people and organizations across the globe.

It’s a great time to become a designer. So, why not start your journey now by pursuing the Bachelor in Design at IE University?

At IE University we understand the unpredictability that the world of design poses. In order to stay up-to-date with the world’s complex, fast-changing design challenges, we have carefully crafted the Bachelor in Design to ensure our students are more than ready to take on the design world with determination and rigor.

The program explores the scientific and creative aspects of design while simultaneously providing students with a fundamental understanding of a range of business perspectives. As such, students are able to apply their studies to help improve people’s lives, one design at a time. Here’s what you’ll learn to do:

Create a more sustainable life

From day one, you’ll be encouraged to seek creative solutions for a more eco-friendly day-to-day. People today are becoming more and more aware of the need for sustainable methods to tackle the world’s most pressing environmental issues. As a student of the Bachelor in Design, you will learn how to best provide solutions to these challenging issues by applying theory to real-world practices.

Find innovative and creative solutions

The Bachelor in Design combines theory and practice to create a program based on innovative technology. In this way, you will be able to witness first-hand how merging innovation and creativity can help you create impressive and functional designs.

In addition, all design students have access to the FabLab, an innovation space where you can bring your ideas to fruition. The FabLab is kitted out with the latest digital technologies and hands-on shop tools to provide you with the chance to fine-tune your practical skills.

Elena Cardiel García

Design things that matter

You’ll learn how to combine your passion for design with an understanding of how to best market your ideas in a business setting. This way, you will be able to see the benefits of your innovate designs and the positive effects they have on society. Seeing your designs become a reality will open your eyes up to a whole new perspective on the world, and you’ll be emboldened by the opportunities ahead of you.

Apply a scientific perspective to change the way we think about design

In this program, you will develop a well-rounded set of design skills as you delve into topics including social sciences, sustainability, and the use of modern technology. These varied perspectives will change the way you think about design and equip you with the necessary tools for any career path you wish to follow.

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Foster an entrepreneurial spirit

The world needs more entrepreneurs who are ready to embark on the ambitious challenge of starting their own businesses. We encourage our students to use their creativity to spark positive change. If you have a desire to follow an entrepreneurial path, IE University will help guide you towards turning this dream into a reality.

The Bachelor in Design offered at IE University is aimed at students who are intrigued by their surroundings and are constantly questioning the world around them. It is for motivated individuals who wish to put their creativity to the test and sharpen their skills to become drivers of change.