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IE University’s Women in Business Club is one of the biggest of its over 100 student-led clubs. With almost 4,000 members, 16 officers, and 225 events—it’s an active, dynamic and integral part of the university’s student activities. It’s been voted the best professional club at IE University many times and is not just for women studying a business-related degree. Men and students from all vocations are welcome because gender equality in business is something that helps everyone.

Fourth-year Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics student Ángela Brito Gorriti is the club’s President for the Undergrad Chapter. She joined in her first year and says it’s been one of the best things she’s done at IE University. “It’s given me the chance to meet a lot of motivated girls like me who want to enter the business area,” she told us. “As a member, I got to attend a lot of events and interact with the speakers. I’ve had this opportunity to meet women who are already in the business area who are successful and were once in our situation.”

Club activities

The club hosts various activities throughout the year, including panel discussions by successful women professionals, mentorship programs, leadership conferences, workshops and dinners. Their ambassador’s program trains young women to join the club’s board and help with networking and branching out activities. Through the Women in Business Mentorship Society, students can get support, advice and insights from fellow members.

The club also responds to current global events, for instance broadcasting about the protests in Iran. Their biggest event every year is on Women’s Day in March. They have a full day of speakers and networking sessions, broken up by lunch break and music from IE University’s Music Club. All of these are advertised on their very active Instagram page.

One of their activities last year was reaching out to women’s clubs around Europe to make connections and see how their activities could intersect. Due to this outreach, the club’s members were invited to visit Oxford. IE University provided funding for some members to attend, where they got to network with like-minded women. Their activities included a round table discussion where they touched on topics such as the three main barriers to women entering the corporate world. 

“Going to Oxford was a way for IE University as an institution to show that they’re very committed to this club and women succeeding in the business world,” says Ángela. “That was very empowering for us.”


Women in Business is a collaborative club that’s always connecting with other clubs and bodies at IE University and beyond. It’s part of the Women Societies Alliance and makes use of its initiatives, which enjoy sponsors. Their WSAbounce initiative, for instance, allows Women in Business members to apply for the chance to be one of 20 students selected to go on a flagship company tour and shadow firms for three days in London.

Ángela mentions Campus Life as another important support function. They help advertise events using their connections and provide support when it comes to organizing campus activities.  

“It helps you because you feel like you’re not alone in the whole process,” says Ángela. “If you ever need anything with regards to logistics, or have any questions with regards to organizing an event where they have more experience, they can always provide you with that support.”

Ángela says that being at IE University in itself is already very empowering as a woman. Since it draws students from around the world, it’s structured to promote initiatives that foster diversity. 

“It’s great that we have a university that listens to us. For example with our trip to Oxford, we really didn’t expect that to happen, but they were very ready for us to take on the lead. And it really does make me feel proud to be a member of our community.”

IE University works on continual feedback from its students, be it through surveys or class representatives who talk to the teachers. Ángela says that they listen to students across every domain and are always keen to hear about their experience. 

Personal growth

Apart from their numerous events and workshops, Women in Business is about providing a community for women and men who want to succeed and create a more gender-equal playing field. This is a place to connect, be supported and grow.

The club is open to advice or ideas from members and non-members alike, regardless of whether you’re part of the board. “If you ever want to reach out to us and say ‘look, I thought about this amazing idea,’ we’re always open to it,” says Ángela. “The main message is that your voice is always heard in clubs at IE University.

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