The strength of this innovative program comes from the special courses designed to integrate the three disciplines.

Without a doubt, societies are becoming increasingly complex.  These changes have created a need for individuals who deeply understand how political, legal and economic systems interact on the global stage. Rooted in the successful PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) interdisciplinary model first offered at the University of Oxford, our PPLE (Politics, Philosphy, Law and Economics) degree is aimed at students who are eager to blur the lines between disciplines and comprehend the role they jointly play in developing strategic solutions for organizations.

When the time came to decide my university path, I realized that what I really wanted was a broad degree that would encompass many of the areas I was interested in. That way, I would be allowed to discover my true vocation over the course of my program and eventually specialize in the area I was most passionate about. My multifaceted academic interest—including economics, international relations, mathematics and scientific analysis—drove me to eventually choose the Bachelor in Politics Philosophy, Law and Economics at IE University.

The strength of this innovative program comes from the special courses designed to integrate the three disciplines. It is not just a compilation of unrelated subjects all put together. I realized that this degree is not meant just to make us experts in politics, philosophy, law or economics separately, but that it is aimed at providing us with four different lenses to examine global issues.

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But what can I do with a PPLE degree? Since this is a multidisciplinary degree, there are countless career choices available to PPLE graduates. If it is politics that interests you most, a strong background in law, philosophy and economics to will give you an advantage while pursuing a career as a global policy-maker or an expert in government and societal development. Furthermore, with the knowledge provided by this degree up your sleeve, you will be free to explore jobs in macroeconomics, global finance consultancy, journalism and even in the non-profit sector.

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At the present moment, I am really interested in a career in non-governmental organizations. I believe that the integration of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice in the three fields will allow me to understand the dynamics of these relationships to become an agent of change. I would love to set up my own NGO to promote efficient internal processes and do all I can to improve the living conditions of people in need. This is one thing all PPLE students have in common: we want to make real, meaningful changes in our globalized world.

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Why study it at IE University? Although other universities offer similar programs, IE University guarantees a sure path to success. The program is backed by the prestigious and internationally recognized IE Law School  and IE Business School which have combined their expertise in order to conceive the perfect integration between the four fields. Moreover, the program enables students to specialize in one of the four areas in the fourth year of study (choosing a concentration in law means that the degree will consist of 5 years instead of 4). In addition to complementary training in seminars, labs, internships and other extracurricular activities, upon graduation each student will have a unique and personalized curriculum that will lead to success in the professional world.

In today’s world, it has become increasingly necessary for us to assume a variety of perspectives to understand our environment. Without knowledge of laws, for instance, a global policy-maker is at a disadvantage, since they will encounter many issues and challenges that require a background in legal knowledge throughout their career. To stand out in the current job market, we need something that makes us unique. For me, that something is the PPLE program at IE University.