At IE University, we are curious about the world around us. Understanding what makes people tick and using this information to make the world a better place is at the heart of what we do. To that end, we’ve created the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences to help the next generation of change-makers unlock the necessary knowledge to drive positive impact.

The Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences is a unique program that focuses on human behavior. Students emerge from the program as experts in human behavior, ready to take on today’s most complex challenges. The biggest problems our world faces today have behavioral issues at their root, including issues like climate change, overconsumption, crime and social inequality. Learning how to fix these issues at their source allows us to combat them head-on. 

Human behavior is complex. In this program, students gain an understanding of the why behind our everyday behaviors. They gain an understanding of what we choose to overconsume, why we recycle or why people commit crime. They discover why some groups are more affected by inequality than others and why crime levels differ across locations.

If we want to solve these problems, first we need to understand human behavior, then we have to find ways of changing it. This is what we are building here in this program—we create human behavior experts.”

Dr. Alistair Fildes, vice dean of the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences

The Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences takes a different approach to traditional social sciences programs. Through a range of subjects—such as behavioral science, sociology, economics, psychology and neuroscience—our students gain a holistic view of the world around them, as well as the varying factors at play. We believe no one subject has all the answers to human problems, so taking a step back is key to solving these complex issues. This variety of perspectives enriches our students’ problem-solving and decision-making skills. 

But it doesn’t stop there—we also understand the importance of soft skills in making a voice heard and considering all the important stakeholders before coming to a decision. With this in mind, the program helps students learn to work effectively on a team while also covering topics like persuasion, influencing and leadership. What’s more, through a combination of workshops, presentations and group projects, our students will develop a skill set to help them make an impact no matter where they work in the future. 

As we can’t understand human behavior without looking within, we encourage students to carve out their own path in order to maximize their potential. The Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences provides students the freedom to tailor their experience to best suit their professional and personal goals. Whether they are leaning more toward helping people or using data to improve people’s lives, there is a specialization track for everyone. Over four years, students take a progressively deeper look at human behavior—first gaining a broad perspective before deciding where to focus their skills and interests during their fourth year. 

“Where do you want to go, and how will we help you get there? We will support your journey by offering a choice of tracks in your fourth year. A track is a collection of courses that align to particular jobs that need human behavior experts.”

Dr. Alistair Fildes, Vice Dean for the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences

With personalization in mind, the program offers two unique tracks: Experience Design and Talent Development. The Experience Design track is more data-focused and will guide students toward a career in behavioral science, marketing or product design. Students will use their knowledge to understand how to improve products and services that appeal to consumers and craft compelling experiences with newly acquired quantitative skills. The Talent Development track is designed for those wanting to pursue a career in talent, human resources or recruitment. Students will focus on human behavior within organizations and use this information to improve business outcomes. On this track, students are also given the chance to boost their coaching skills in order to help people achieve meaningful outcomes. 

Learning about human behavior at IE University isn’t limited to the classroom either. As a student of the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences, students can apply to participate in the Behavior Lab—a unique initiative designed to enable students to apply their knowledge to real business settings. Enriched by our partnerships with real-world businesses, NGOs and government bodies, the Behavior Lab provides a space for game-changers to tackle the world’s most pressing issues hands-on.

If you’re looking to drive positive change in the world based on insights and patterns, this could be the program for you. You’ll unlock the door to various opportunities across the world while benefiting from IE University’s international network. You can also see what our students have to say about the program here and here

If you’d like to learn more about the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences check out the program page, or hear from Vice Dean Dr. Alistair Fildes, about what the program can do for you.