Teresa Ramos Martín is the Director of the Bachelor in Informations Systems Management.

She has over 23 years of experience working in diverse information technology, innovation, and project management roles in global telecommunication companies like British Telecom, O2, Vodafone, the Siemens group, and Telefónica.

In 2012, Ramos founded her own company, working as an executive coach and trainer to senior technology executives and professionals at an international level, and project delivery coaching training for international teams and managers. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Salamanca Conservatorium, a Bachelor’s Degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Salamanca, a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Imperial College London, and an Executive MBA from IE Business School.

We had the chance to sit down with Ramos to discuss what new students can expect from this cutting-edge program.


What is the Bachelor in Information Systems Management?

This program focuses on technology and innovation management, and is aimed at students who want to solve problems in new and innovative ways. Our students are curious about new technologies and their impact on the world we live in. They are people who want to change their reality, and learn how to use technology to solve either old or new problems but in innovative and different ways. In essence, this program is a four-year intensive degree that gives students all the tools they need to build a better digital future.

Why is technology and innovation management important?

In today’s world, technology and innovation impact every part of our daily life. They are changing businesses, industries, and the way we live. We need innovative processes to harness technology and make the most of it. We can build incredible and wonderful technologies, but we need structured ways to translate them to the public sphere. Learning how to manage technology is extremely important because it helps us improve human life, bring positive changes to the world, and build a brighter future.

Who should enroll in this program?

We seek curious people. Curiosity is crucial for this degree. We also seek individuals who really want to learn. The ideal profile for this degree is what I call a lifelong learner, someone who is prepared and willing to keep constantly learning how to do things in innovative ways. It has to be someone who wants to get hands-on with technology and build innovative solutions either for traditional or new problems.

Where can graduates do with their degree?

Technology is everywhere, and it’s constantly gaining a greater presence in our day-to-day lives. I really think this means that the opportunities are endless.

With that said, the main fields would definitely be to start their own companies in technology, given that they have the preparation to bring their innovative ideas to life upon completing the program; to work in big corporations in technology departments to strengthen communication between tech professionals and other departments within the company; or to work in consultancy firms, since students of this degree will have the ideal profile to do technical consultancy on how to improve processes by bringing innovative solutions to problems.

Do you have any advice for someone considering the Technology and Innovation Management program at IEU?

If you are an innovative person who is passionate about technology, looking to learn how to harness its power to make things better, then this undergraduate degree is the right program for you!

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us. If you would like to learn more about our new degree in Technology and Innovation Management, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.