The Dual Degree in Business Administration + Humanities aims to shape innovative leaders who have the knowledge, skill and humanistic vision to spark positive change, now and in the future. The program is designed to develop a holistic skill set, blending critical analysis skills with practical business acumen. 

In an ever-changing world full of increasingly complex challenges, how can an understanding of the past help us influence the future? IE University’s new Dual Degree in Business Administration + Humanities seeks to answer this important question.  

This unique five-year program takes students on a transformative journey that combines humanities-based critical thinking and analytical skills with cutting-edge training to tackle today’s business world. Backed by the expertise of our acclaimed faculty, this dual degree equips students with a well-rounded skill set that will allow them to lead innovation and create positive impact.

To understand just what sets this program apart and how it’s geared to launch students into an exciting future full of opportunities, we sat down with Catalina Tejero, the Vice Dean of the Arts & Humanities Division; and Henry Bradford, Associate Dean of the Bachelor in Business Administration. 

What will students gain from the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Humanities at IE University?

Catalina: The Dual Degree in Business Administration + Humanities is designed to make the most of your analytical, cognitive and critical capacities to develop key leadership skills such as communication, argumentation and persuasion. 

The program aims to help you respond to the most challenging questions of the future by giving you a deep understanding of historical patterns, enabling you to analyze current trends and take action that shapes the future. This unique dual degree will develop your skills not only in the fields of creativity, critical thinking, effective communication and human behavior but also in management, data analysis and innovation. 

How is the program structured?

Henry: The Dual Degree in Business Administration + Humanities has been specifically crafted so that all subjects complement each other and are in constant dialogue. At IE University, you will engage with renowned professors who will inspire and mentor you, providing you with the knowledge and guidance to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. 

During the first year, you will gain hands-on experience in the digital world so you can fully understand all the possibilities it brings for innovation. The second year is devoted to building increasing confidence in your own leadership capacity, either as an entrepreneur or as a consultant. 

In the third year, you will contextualize everything you have learned so far in a real scenario. Marketing, Operations and Corporate Finance, as well as History of Ideas and Anthropology will help you find the purpose of your studies and the aim of your future leadership. 

By the fourth year, you will be almost ready to jump into the professional world and you will start becoming the master of your own path, by either choosing from a large, attractive pool of electives or going abroad for an exchange semester. 

Finally, the fifth year is devoted to putting all you have learned into writing and delving further into some of the hottest topics on sustainability and corporate finance. 

Who is the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Humanities designed for? 

Catalina: The ideal candidate for this program is someone with an inquisitive mind, fully aware of their leadership capacities, who is not only willing to perform outstandingly but to lead change. They will be someone who is firmly resolved to make an impact on how we face the future. 

What careers can you pursue after studying this program?

Catalina: The Dual Degree in Business Administration + Humanities opens up diverse career opportunities spanning industries such as marketing, consulting, public relations and entrepreneurship. Our graduates are primed with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop practical solutions to future challenges through a humanistic lens, without disregarding issues of ethics and sustainability.

Whether it’s in the corporate world, nonprofit organizations, government agencies or even in entrepreneurship, the career opportunities for graduates of the program are vast and ever-expanding. 

The groundbreaking education you will receive in the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Humanities has no expiration date: what you learn today, we can guarantee you will still be using in the future. We will train you to embrace that future.