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Our students have heard from these select individuals to discover new ideas and perspectives when it comes to analyzing world events.

The IE School of Global and Public Affairs is proud to have hosted international leaders in governance and diplomacy. Our students have heard from these select individuals to discover new ideas and perspectives when it comes to analyzing world events. These invaluable insights give international relations students exposure to the realities of international affairs and global development that can provide students with knowledge of the practical application of theory.

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The following were the esteemed guests at the IE School of Global and Public Affairs:

Simon Manley – British Ambassador to Spain

Ambassador Simon Manley spoke to our IR students about the UK’s vision for a more open and dynamic Europe, stating that “those countries that don’t adapt to technological change risk being left behind.” Manley went on to discuss globalization and competition, and how these elements are vital to how the European Union shapes its own future in the years to come.

Ray Mabus – United States Secretary of the Navy

Ray Mabus shared a comparison of how the US Navy can be contrasted to a large company, telling our students that “if the US Navy were a business, it would be the second largest in the United States by number of employees, the third in assets, and the fifth in budget.” He went on to describe how under his leadership, the US Navy has focused on people, platforms, power, and alliances to strengthen its global presence.

Josep Borrell – Former President of the European Parliament and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Spain

During his lecture, Josep Borrell analyzed the role of the European Parliament throughout the European debt crisis, the agenda of the new European Commission, and Europe’s energy challenges. As for the eurozone crisis, Borrell discussed how the financial crisis was felt by different Member States within the monetary union.

When the Treaty of Maastricht was being negotiated, the design of the euro prompted heightened discussions among negotiators (Borrell was a member of the Spanish delegation negotiating the Treaty) on how difficult it would be for some eurozone members to go through a systemic crisis without the necessary tools to confront it.

Global Leaders at IE School of International Relations

Christopher Fitzgerald – Minister Counselor for Public Affairs at the U.S. Mission to the European Union

Christopher Fitzgerald gave our students an insightful presentation on the efforts of the US Mission to the European Union to promote a mutually beneficial economic, political, and social relationship between the US and the EU. After Fitzgerald’s lecture, students had the opportunity to explore topics of current relevance, such as the US position on the TTP and TTIP agreements.

These visits help students enrolled in our Bachelor’s in International Relations and the Master’s in International Relations programs develop an international consciousness when approaching complex global issues. Hearing from leaders in international affairs helps our students cultivate a framework from which they can meticulously analyze the current political climate, which will inevitably give them the tools they need for success in their future careers.