Askar Dossumbekov, alum of the Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations, knew that his program at IE University afforded him numerous career paths to explore. However, his passion for career development and a desire to simplify the process led him to develop an innovative solution geared toward new graduates. Now, this alum’s ingenious startup is already making an impact in Spain and further abroad.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My educational journey has spanned continents, from Kazakhstan to Canada, Norway and, ultimately, the vibrant academic environment of IE University in Spain. This global exposure has fueled my curiosity about world affairs and my desire to make a significant impact. 

This diversity of experiences also ignited my curiosity about global dynamics. The Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations was a strategic choice, as it blended business and geopolitics—fields I perceive as deeply interconnected. Opting for this path was driven by a desire to assimilate and connect insights from my global encounters, constructing a narrative of my place in this interlinked world.

You’re the founder of CLICK. What is this entrepreneurship project all about?

CLICK‘s primary mission is to guide young professionals in navigating the complex world of career development, helping them pinpoint and leverage their unique strengths. Our vision is to empower individuals and organizations to realize their highest potential and collectively succeed. We aspire to transform the landscape of professional opportunities, making them accessible with a single click.

What are some of the challenges you faced when starting your business?

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is inherently challenging, with resilience being the cornerstone of success. Mine has been a rollercoaster of triumphs and setbacks; however, my unwavering commitment to my vision has been my guiding light. 

That said, balancing my academic and entrepreneurial responsibilities wasn’t a significant challenge, thanks to IE University’s supportive environment: it fosters a harmonious blend of academic and professional development. This synergy made it easier to apply my academic learnings to my entrepreneurial endeavors.

How has studying at IE University helped you in running CLICK day to day?

My tenure at IE University has been instrumental in shaping my entrepreneurial skills, notably through my interactions with the esteemed faculty and a diverse community of student colleagues. The real-world insights and networking opportunities offered—especially through initiatives like the Venture Lab and Speaker Series—have been pivotal for networking and applying practical knowledge to my venture.

Any unexpected skills or knowledge areas you found useful in your entrepreneurial journey?

The Lean and Agile methodologies, coupled with the Ikigai concept that I covered during my studies at IE University, have been particularly influential in guiding my project’s strategic direction and execution.

In hindsight, how did your IE Experience add value to your profile as an entrepreneur?

IE University’s dynamic educational model refined my ability to articulate and share visions effectively, which is a crucial entrepreneurial skill. The experience of working in diverse teams, setting common objectives and fostering a shared culture has been invaluable, preparing me for the challenges of entrepreneurship.

What’s one piece of advice you would like to share with other entrepreneurs? 

Embrace opportunities for extra work and unforeseen challenges. While task delegation is vital, the learning journey is enriched by saying “yes” to new experiences. This can lead to new connections and inspirations, helping you gain insights that can inform and refine your entrepreneurial vision.