IE University strives to inspire the next generation of global pioneers. This is achieved by offering forward-thinking and hands-on programs which are designed to equip the leaders of tomorrow with the skills they need to tackle the most pressing challenges of global businesses.

The Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics is a perfect example of this.

Aimed at individuals with a strong interest in analytics and critical-thinking capabilities, this hands-on program provides the tools to leverage the power of data to create value for companies and society. The expert knowledge of faculty members, together with the incomparable connections between the University and the professional world, combine to enable students to develop in-demand profiles that are able to adapt to changing trends in the modern world.

The perfect moment

As Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics student Sophia Gurría Hamdan points out, now is a great time for data analysts. “I believe it is the career of the future,” she says. “The opportunities for a data analyst are huge and they keep multiplying. Because today, data is an asset that not many know how to take advantage of.” This not only future-proofs students’ careers since the employment opportunities available to them are vast, but also serves as a source of inspiration as new roles in the sector are being created almost every day.

Sophia also highlights the importance of being able to put into practice the things that she has learned in the classroom. She complements her studies by attending additional seminars, labs, and clubs to both enhance her learning experience and better prepare herself for the future.

Sophia Gurría Hamdan

The importance of the add ons

The ability to enroll in other courses related to career development is something that another student of the program, Juan Esteban Bola, also values extremely highly. The Ecuadorian undergraduate was originally attracted by IE University’s international vibe and points to the ability to “combine any topic with the business world” as a key aspect of the learning experience.

In his view, the well-rounded academic program and innovative methodology that the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics provides is highly unique: “We are not only offered a very complete academic program, but also many courses—such as the career development course—which helps us prepare for when we finish our degree.”

Juan Esteban Bola

A diverse set of individuals

Unlike other programs, the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics attracts students with a wide range of interests. In fact, it is often seen as an alternative to the more traditional degree programs available. This was certainly the case for Julio Fullaondo Canga. The mathematics enthusiast from Asturias elected to enroll in the program as opposed to embarking on a more theoretical track. He saw the future benefits of combining his love of numbers with programming, saying that it would be of “great value for companies.”

Although he was keen to study in his home country, the fact that he had attended an English-speaking school drew him to IE University. He saw it as another skill worth enhancing, given the doors, it could open in the long run.

Julio Fullaondo Canga

Long-term opportunities

What is clear, is that the wealth of opportunities this program provides students are vast. Julio highlights this, commenting on the “opportunities to attend seminars and talks about consultancy, and enroll in labs and clubs.” Julio was even the recipient of a Collaboration Award grant, although the recent pandemic has held him back from making full use of it.

There’s no denying that big data is here to stay. It’s importance and the role it plays in our everyday lives is set to increase exponentially over the next few years, with the use of analytics no longer restricted to big business. Though many opt for the data analyst route, the program provides them with the skills to be anything from a data solutions architect or even a big data entrepreneur.

Whatever your specific goals are in this sector, the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics offers the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and enjoy a long, successful career as a data professional.