IE University is at the forefront of education, proving itself time and time again with its globally renowned, top-ranked programs and cutting-edge methodologies. Each program on offer has a combination of leading experts as teachers, today’s most advanced technology and unique, out-of-the-box insights, no matter the subject.

With innovation at its core, IE School of Science and Technology offers programs tailored to students who want to focus on the complex challenges within the world of science, data, and tech. And as we pride ourselves on our non-traditional approaches, we seize every opportunity to allow students to put theory to practice. Our hands-on methodologies, combined with project-based learning, ensure that students are ready to enter the world of work right out of the gates.

Not your average math program

To that end, we’ve carefully designed a unique program that continues to break the mold. The Bachelor in Applied Mathematics ensures students tackle the digital world through programming skills, mathematical knowledge, and frameworks that revolve around finance, health, engineering, computer science, or any field that mathematics and tech create an impact. 

Shaking up the traditional mathematical methods from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the program embeds the theories of the past into the modern mathematical thinking of today. Incredibly influenced by our world’s impressive technological developments, the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics focuses on mathematical topics that are important in the ever-changing, digital world of work, such as computational training. 

The mathematical plan and objectives

With an emphasis on deep thinking and problem solving, this program is carefully laid out over the course of four years. During the first two years, students will learn the basic foundations of mathematics, from how to use today’s necessary tools to learn about the properties of objects and applications. David Gomez-Ullate Oteiza, the academic director of the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics, explains the program’s path: “We start from the problems, we motivate, we learn where applications come from, and we will teach the theory as the students go along, so they always see the purpose in what they’re learning.”

Throughout their four years, students will evolve and be continuously challenged. But it’s in years three and four that students will take on more advanced courses, ranging from data science and machine learning to optimization and mathematical modeling. The fourth year also opens the door for students to carve out their own paths, with the opportunity to participate in an exchange program or complete an internship in a real-world company, all while working on their cumulative Capstone Project. What’s more, thanks to IE University’s partnerships with a variety of companies and experts in every field, students learn from real-world leaders and have the opportunity to create connections that will be far-reaching, even past graduation. 

The mathematical future for students

The Bachelor in Applied Mathematics is for students who pride themselves on being natural problem solvers. Students who have a strong interest in pursuing a career in the STEM world, are able to access their critical thinking skills, and find creative, analytic ways to apply mathematical solutions are a perfect fit for the program. This program requires curiosity and a drive to learn more about the modern tech world, especially as part of the program is training in today’s innovative strategies in order to become the best mathematicians in the future.

“The reality is that most innovation simply couldn’t happen without mathematics. New application areas and mathematics are constantly being discovered, while established techniques are being applied in new ways in an emerging field.” 

Rafif Srour, vice dean of IE School of Science and Technology best explains where a degree in mathematics can take students.

Srour believes that as program graduates enter the world of work, “they will be at the forefront of any career requiring solid quant skills.” The Bachelor in Applied Mathematics prepares students for any career they seek out, whether it be risk management investment analyst, space and aeronautical technologist, cryptography and cybersecurity expert, 3D animation and video game designer, meteorologist, or product developer. Students can harness their utmost potential to be successful in whatever role they land and will be capable of making a lasting impact.

Every aspect of life is affected by mathematics. The reality is that there are countless everyday objects that would not exist or work without mathematics, like smartphones and computers. The technologies we often take for granted rely on math, and our digital world has endless possibilities for students pursuing a career in the field.