I think we can all agree that we’re hearing the word "digital” more and more these days, in both our professional and personal lives. With a highly digital-oriented future upon us, various technologies will continue to emerge and be at the forefront of our lives; driving products and services, operations, and economic growth.

There is no denying that technology is an incredibly powerful tool. As such, we are in constant need of high-impact professionals to help us manage and understand it. This is where the Bachelor in Information Systems Management comes in.

The Bachelor in Information Systems Management at IE University is an innovative, cutting-edge program, seeking individuals who are ready to ignite their passion for technology and be dynamic influencers who guide their own paths to success.

The Bachelor in Information Systems Management utilizes a hands-on approach to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to solve the world’s most important issues and helps you to develop a global mindset ready for the professional world ahead.

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A well-rounded program structure

The program has been carefully crafted by the world’s top-leading professionals within the field. Professors are able to apply their real-world experiences to offer you a unique insight into the world of information systems management.

The program covers business foundations, technology applications for business, technology foundations, innovation, and transversal courses. You can count on IE University to provide you with an unbeatable program structure that not only covers the entire spectrum of the intersection between technology and business, but also includes opportunities for you to take your studies one step further, such as taking part in IEU Labs (an innovative alternative to traditional work placements), and the IE Module (honing in on the foundations of entrepreneurship, humanities, diversity, technology, and innovation).

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A practical, hands-on approach

Rather than restricting your studies to the classroom, IE University understands the importance of gaining practical experience, especially when it come to technology. This is why you have the chance to take practical, interactive classes where you will learn how to build and transform technology. In addition, you can take advantage of the incredible opportunity to participate in projects led by renowned tech companies where you can help solve real problems, helping to transform your CV and develop a skill-set that will undoubtedly set you apart from your peers.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

This program is all about developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Unlike others, your time at IE University will enforce motivation to strive for ambition and you are offered incredible opportunities to grow into any kind of entrepreneur that you wish to be. Whether you want to found or work in a startup, or work as an entrepreneurial tech innovator in a global corporation, the Bachelor in Information Systems Management will provide you with all the necessary resources to bring your tech ideas to life.

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Set yourself apart from the rest as…

…an individual with a technological mindset…

By studying the Bachelor in Information Systems Management at IE University, you will gain a multidisciplinary understanding of technology, studying modules such as: economics, policy & technology; enterprise management systems; information systems design & analysis; and digital transformation & strategy. You will develop a personalized profile, bursting with tools and capabilities for transforming the digital world and implementing positive change.

…who is adaptable to the world’s digital ecosystem

IE University boasts an impressive extensive network of people and experts in the tech industry. From your very first day at IE University, you are able to meet technology specialists who are there to guide and direct you through your studies and towards your chosen career path. Furthermore, IE University offers you the chance to meet tech investors to help accelerate your projects and drive innovation throughout the sector. These contacts will stay with you for life, and either work in top-leading companies or have founded their own start-ups.

Whether you want to become the world’s next high-flying digital entrepreneur, drive change as a digital technology consultant, or develop active interests for companies within operative networks as a business innovation manager, the Bachelor in Information Systems Management will undoubtedly guide you to push your limits and reach your goals. Led by IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, you will gain a multidisciplinary degree, setting you far above the rest when you enter the highly competitive professional world.