Discover Segovia’s picturesque views and natural beauty at your own pace on one of these running paths!

Segovia is more than its rich history and charming tapas bars. It’s also a runner’s paradise, with plenty of fantastic trails, apt for all types of runners. Discover Segovia’s picturesque views and natural beauty at your own pace on one of these running paths!  

Running Paths in Segovia

Ready to “recorrer” Segovia?

A great blend of urban and green areas, flat paths, and challenging hills, Segovia is an awesome place to stay fit by running and walking through the different routes in and around the city.

This past year, Segovia’s municipal government unveiled ‘Recorre Segovia,’ an initiative to encourage Segovians to get out and use the city’s remarkable running paths. Strava App (a tracking application and must-have for any runner) participated in the initiative, which helps people discover routes that vary in difficulty, and takes runners through beautiful areas of historic and cultural importance. Using the app, you can compete with other runners, which adds an exciting and challenging element to your run!

A great way to start autumn with a stunning run around Segovia riverside! #IEUsegovia

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If you are thinking of participating in one of the many different races in Madrid or Segovia, or just feel like working out, you should check out these running routes. These paths all start from the Casa de la Moneda, which is very close to our Segovia campus. For a complete listing of these paths, check out the official website.

Running Path 1: La Alameda

  • Distance: 2km
  • Difficulty: Easy

This is a great path for beginners. It features the Alameda del Parral, a flat park behind IE University’s campus. For a quick and easy run, start at the Casa de la Moneda and go around the park one and a half times.

Running Path 2: Los Champiñones

  • Distance: 4.3km
  • Difficulty: Medium

This running path will take you around the north side cliffs in Alameda park. At 4.3km and with slightly higher inclinations, it will surely be more challenging than the previous path, but the views that you will get of Segovia and our campus from these cliffs is well worth the effort.

Running Path 3: Los Altos de la Piedad

  • Distance: 6.82km
  • Difficulty: Hard

Running Paths in Segovia

This final path is definitely the most challenging, with an elevation change of 188m (610ft). You will cross the entire park surrounding Segovia. It takes you to some of the less-known hills and valleys that can be found south of the city, where you’ll also go around the Jewish cemetery and the hospital. This is not an easy run, so it will be a great achievement once you’ve completed it!

We hope that these routes provide some inspiration for forging your own paths around the city, discovering even more great spots and exploring Segovia’s enchanting beauty.

It’s important to be prepared with the right equipment for running. Download our ‘Things To Do’ guide and find out where in Segovia you can get all your running shoes, clothes, and accessories.

Do you have any ideas to add to this plan or any other fun plans that you would want to see featured? Write them in the comments below and share your ideas and experiences with the IEU community!

Credits for the maps and diagrams go to the Instituto Municipal de Deportes Segovia.

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