Whether you’re an incoming freshman, arriving transfer or visiting student, this detailed guide covers the ins and outs of our admission process. From meeting entry requirements for your preferred bachelor’s program to understanding our admissions tests and general interview process, our Admissions team has all your questions answered. 

What is the admissions process at IE University?

Students from over 140 countries enroll at IE University due to its focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and humanities. We have a rolling admissions process, meaning that you can submit your application at any time. And while we don’t have a set deadline, it’s best to apply early to secure your spot.  

No matter the bachelor’s program, our admissions process is the same across the board.

  • Step 1: Fill out the online application. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the online application form and showcase your experiences, achievements and aspirations. You can save the application form anytime, but ensure you complete it within one month.

  • Step 2: Take the admission test. 

As part of our rigorous selection process, you can take IE University’s Admissions Test, which measures verbal, logical and numerical skills. You can pass even without studying, as the test assesses reasoning and expression rather than content-specific knowledge. 

We also accept other standardized tests, such as the SAT, ACT and LNAT, as long as you meet the minimum score threshold of 1200, 24 and 22, respectively.

  • Step 3: Kira assessment.

The Kira assessment helps you connect more deeply with our Admissions team. We use it to gauge your personality and potential fit into the IE Community. All you need for this assessment is a computer with internet access, a webcam and a microphone.  

  • Step 4: Your personal interview

Based on the results of the previous steps, you may be invited to a personal interview with the Admissions team. Here, we’ll get to know you better and assess firsthand your ability to think critically and express yourself. 

  • Step 5: Await the final Committee decision.

Everything comes together in a final review conducted by the Admissions Committee. After evaluating your application, the Committee will communicate their final decision in writing. You’ll receive either definitive admission or conditional, in case you still need to graduate high school or earn certain grades.  

What are the entry requirements for undergraduate students?

Incoming freshmen students must meet the entry requirements of their home country and those set by the Spanish Ministry of Education. This includes taking IE University’s Admissions Test or meeting minimum scores from accepted standardized tests. 

Proficiency in English is also essential, so some international students will need to provide language certificates from accepted tests, including TOEFL, Cambridge C1/C2, IELTS and the Duolingo English Test.

We have other entry requirements depending on specific education systems, which you can check here.

How can undergraduate students visit or transfer to IE University?

We welcome transfer students seeking personal growth, professional training and academic diversity. Thanks to our emphasis on diversity, our Admissions department has the framework to ensure a seamless transition if you have studied for less than two years at a previous institution. 

To qualify as a transfer student, you must have at least 30 ECTS credits from your previous university. You’ll also submit the relevant documents allowing us to transfer these credits from your previous university. Transfer students have the same language requirements as incoming freshmen.

On the other hand, visiting students can join our bachelor’s programs in both the fall and spring semesters. The entry requirements include:

  • A high school diploma
  • You must be a current student
  • Submit the required documents
  • Provide confirmation from your home program

As a visiting student, you’re exempt from the admission test but must earn between 24 and 30 credits while attending IE University. You also have the option to study a Spanish language course.

Will I pay a fee during the admission process?

All applicants pay a non-refundable admission fee of €150. This one-time payment allows you to begin the application process, which the Admissions team will review afterward. 

What’s next after receiving my admission to IE University?

While we have rolling admissions, places in our competitive bachelor’s programs are limited. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis, so reserve your place early to secure your spot. You can do this by paying a non-refundable, non-transferable reservation fee, which varies based on your chosen bachelor’s program. 

What if I need special educational assistance?

IE University prioritizes equal learning opportunities and accommodates students with special educational needs. After enrolment, you can contact our Functional Diversity Department to identify and implement any official arrangements that you may require. Just email undergrad.admissions@ie.edu with “Special educational needs” in the subject line. Our Admissions department will handle your request confidentially and guide you through the necessary documentation.

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Understanding IE University’s admission process is vital to a successful application. With clearly defined requirements and our approachable Admissions team, prospective bachelor’s students have our undivided support throughout the admission process.

Whether you’re a freshman, transfer or visiting student, we offer a diverse and inclusive environment to help you achieve your academic and professional goals. Start your next academic journey today with IE University.