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At IE University, your academic journey is our priority. From internships to extracurriculars, we strive to take your education beyond the classroom. Discover one Bachelor in Economics student’s journey from the classroom to an internship as a financial controlling trainee at EssilorLuxottica.

The Bachelor in Economics is a rigorous program that puts students at the center of today’s reality of economics. From econometrics and political science to applied analytics, behavioral science and technology, students work toward new ways of driving economic transformation, efficiency and growth in our digital era.

As part of the program, students are given the opportunity to apply for internships that put them at the heart of the world of work. Student Giuseppe Tuttocuore began his journey in gaining real-world experience with EssilorLuxottica—a global leader in eyecare and eyewear. Giuseppe joined the company as a financial controlling trainee, where he was able to get involved in a variety of projects and understand the company on a deeper level.

Building a strong foundation

Giuseppe chose the Bachelor in Economics at IE University for a variety of reasons, but he highlights its excellent reputation and forward-thinking curriculum. He also found the focus on experiential learning and the opportunity to study in a diverse and vibrant city like Madrid to be compelling: “IE University’s practical and innovative approach to education sets it apart. The university’s emphasis on real-world applications and exposure to industry trends equips students with a competitive edge.” He adds that the international environment at IE University fosters cultural awareness and global perspectives, which are extremely valuable in today’s interconnected business world.

As a whole, the Bachelor in Economics provided Giuseppe with a strong foundation in economics and quantitative analysis. Plus, the program’s focus on critical-thinking skills, communication and teamwork were essential to his preparation for his internship. 

IE University’s strong network of alumni and industry connections can open doors to exciting opportunities in various fields.

Giuseppe Tuttocuore

Seeing economics through the lens of a leading company

The IE Talent & Careers team and the IE Alumni community were instrumental in helping Giuseppe secure his internship at EssilorLuxottica. IE University works relentlessly to provide resources, workshops and networking opportunities that assist students in their job search and career development, which was especially helpful to Giuseppe when securing his internship. 

Ready to bring his newly acquired skills to the real world, Giuseppe shared that the Bachelor in Economics helped him focus on the skills he would need to succeed as a financial controller. Financial analysis, data interpretation and proficiency in financial software are much-needed technical skills, and soft skills such as communication, adaptability, attention to detail and problem-solving are important for effective collaboration and decision-making.

During his internship, he was able to gain valuable insights into the financial controlling field. His involvement in various aspects of financial analysis, budgeting, reporting and exposure to cross-functional collaboration allowed him to understand how financial decisions impact different areas of the company.

A future at IE University

For students considering studying at IE University, Giuseppe would recommend it without hesitation: “The diverse and dynamic learning environment, coupled with the practical curriculum, offers a unique educational experience. IE University’s strong network of faculty, students and alumni, as well as their industry connections, can open doors to exciting opportunities in various fields.” 

He would also advise students in the Bachelor in Economics program to actively engage in class discussions, to seek out internships and practical experiences early on and to be sure to leverage the resources the program, and the university as a whole, provide. “Don’t hesitate to explore interdisciplinary interests—a well-rounded education can be a valuable asset in the job market.”