At IE University, we are committed to providing students with the necessary tools and resources to achieve career success.

Global Alumni Relations is one of these professional-boosting departments, working tirelessly to improve the lives of students after they graduate. As part of their most recent efforts, the department hosted the first online Grads Give Back event, where alumni had a chance to speak about their experiences after graduation.

We caught up with Nashila Velji and Alexina Clements, who make up the department’s undergraduate alumni team, as well as some of the attendees to tell us about the event. When asked to describe the overall purpose of their department, Nashila and Alexina said:

“We aim to serve and engage our IE University undergraduates by increasing awareness of Global Alumni Relations through events, benefits, and activities that enhance their post-graduate lives, promote student/alumni interaction, and cultivate relationships between students: past, present, and prospective.”

Grads give back

What is Grads Give Back?

Grads Give Back is the latest effort to promote this mission. This series of interactive webinars provides IE University graduates with the opportunity to speak about how they used IE University’s resources to advance their professional careers. While doing so, they are able to provide current students and alumni with industry insights and networking opportunities to help them pursue their dream job.

The first edition of Grads Give Back focused on the technology industry. According to Nashila, they had “six amazing IE University alumni who told the audience everything they needed to know about working in tech and how to get jobs at tech giants like Google, LinkedIn, DocuSign, and Salesforce.” Each of these alumni provided insights into preparing for job interviews, leveraging the resources provided by the IE University community and even presented a list of up and coming, high-growth tech companies that are currently hiring.

A word from the attendees

From the organizers to the attendees, the event was considered a huge success—and the students had plenty to say on the subject. Sarah Al Atiyat, currently enrolled in the Bachelor in Architectural Studies, highlighted the alumni’s advice as particularly useful:

Sarah Al Atiyat

“It was interesting to see how they created a network of their own and helped each other. Furthermore, the group was diverse and talked about how their different backgrounds helped them in their careers.”

Esperanza Harumi Nishizawa Criales

Esperanza Harumi Nishizawa Criales is an IE University alum who is starting a Dual Degree in Master in Management + Master in Market Research and Consumer Behavior in January. She was interested in hearing about her friends’ careers in technology, as she is considering transitioning to a tech role herself.

“It was really nice to see my friends from my time at IE University succeed and grow as professionals. It genuinely made me happy.”

Looking to the future

This event is set to be the first of many. But what else is in store? Alexina from Global Alumni Relations gave us a sneak peek into the future, stating that upcoming Grad Give Back events will “include school-specific editions, as well as industry-specific panel discussions on consulting, finance, consumer goods, social impact and entrepreneurship.” With such incredible topics to look forward to, we’re sure the events will go from strength to strength. But even so, it never hurts to add some personal recommendations to the mix!

Clémence Bouchard

Clémence Bouchard, current Dual degree in Business Administration and International Relations student, who attended the first edition of Grad Gives Back, highly recommends the event to other students. She believes that it’s a great opportunity to branch out and make new contacts who are willing to help her when looking for job opportunities. Sarah Al Atiyat also encouraged students to join the next edition of the event, saying: “It will help them expand their horizons and give them the opportunity to learn about different careers and determine which is best suited to them.”

Grad Gives Back is a fantastic opportunity to provide students with the hope and encouragement they need to work hard and pursue their dreams. Anybody who joins is certain to get a lot from the events— we can’t wait to see you at the 2nd edition that will be next tuesday 27th of October about consulting! You can register here.