The right degree is out there for everyone, and at IE University we want to help you find a program that will lead you towards the career of your dreams. Whether you want to take the world of design by storm, steer organizations towards improved efficiency, or use your skillset to positively improve the built environment, there’s a bachelor’s program at IE University for you.

Below, you will find a list of just a few of the undergraduate programs offered at IE University which will ignite your passion and spark your ambition.

Do you want to become an entrepreneur?

If your creative juices are constantly flowing and you’re seeking the resources and skills needed to turn your ideas into reality, then consider studying the Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations.

This Dual Degree will help you discover the best ways to develop initiatives anywhere in the world. With a focus on creating positive impact on society, this program constantly encourages students to get involved with social impact projects. This is the perfect opportunity to coordinate projects and learn how to maximize their potential.

Do you want to improve sustainability throughout the world?

Does using the latest technologies to positively transform your surroundings sound right up your alley? In that case, discover the following degrees which can help make it happen.

The Bachelor in Architectural Studies will teach you how to best use available resources to design eco-friendly and future-forward environments. You’ll learn how to address the challenges of sustainability, while honing in your design skills with our project-based approach to learning.

The Bachelor in Design is an innovative program which places a large focus on sustainability and the use of modern technology. In this way, you’ll foster a practical mindset which will become an invaluable asset in your future career prospects.

Do you want to lead change on a global scale?

If you never settle for anything less than satisfactory and you feel prepared to be at the forefront of change, then the Bachelor in Business Administration is for you.

The Bachelor in Business Administration enables students to study the essential business concepts to become dynamic, international leaders. The program’s comprehensive curriculum teaches students how to break down the traditional barriers of the business world and apply their knowledge to real-world settings.

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Do you want to improve communication between organizations and people?

Are you ready to improve efficiency within organizations and connect them to a whole range of people from across the globe? If so, consider one of these degrees to help get you there.

The Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media shows you the importance of cross-cultural communication, especially in our ever-more-globalized world. You will learn how to create meaningful messages, reach global audiences, drive technological change, and connect people with brands. The program will teach you how to best balance your creative skills with the strategic skills needed to become a dynamic professional.

The Bachelor in International Relations, on the other hand, is centered around fostering a global mindset, and understanding how to best use this mindset to improve cross-cultural communications. This will help you to better understand the needs of organizations from all around the world, and how to best apply a range of social systems to a business context.

Along with unbeatable resources, facilities, and a highly regarded faculty of esteemed academics and professionals, IE University provides students with the perfect environment for academic and personal growth. From your first day on campus, you’ll be emboldened by the opportunities ahead of you, and in no time, you’ll become a highly successful professional.