At IE University, we encourage our students to step out of their comfort zones and into the real world during their studies. The Asociación Española de Alumnos de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales (Spanish Association for Students of Economics and Business) conference provides an opportunity to dive into the most important topics for young professionals today. We caught up with IE University student Catarina Torres to hear about her experience at the AEALCEE conference.

The AEALCEE is an organization designed to bring together students from universities across Spain who are working toward careers in economics and business. The association gives students a platform to present their ideas, collaborate with like-minded young professionals and participate in the analysis and improvement of student and professional life in the industry. 

Bringing together industry leaders for lectures, roundtables, group work sessions and discussions, the AEALCEE conference is designed to find solutions that will improve the training of young economics and business professionals across the country. IE University student Catarina Torres, who attended the conference, shared her main takeaways with us. 

AEALCEE Conference

What motivated you to participate in the AEALCEE conference?

I wanted to participate in the AEALCEE conference for various reasons. The reputation the conference has for gathering leading professionals and students in the field of business and economics was a significant draw. Additionally, the prospect of engaging in insightful discussions and learning about the latest research trends directly from industry experts was incredibly enticing. I knew the conference would provide a comprehensive platform for delving into cutting-edge ideas and methodologies in our field. The opportunity to present my own ideas and receive constructive feedback while networking with individuals who share my interests and passions greatly motivated my participation.

What did you hope to gain from the experience?

I was expecting to gain profound insights into advancements in the field from leading professionals who understand the day-to-day of business. I also was looking forward to fostering valuable connections with students in my field from all over Spain, as well as refining my presentation skills through debates and discussions.

AEALCEE Conference

How did IE University support you throughout this conference?

IE University’s support was instrumental. They generously funded my trip and provided invaluable guidance and resources to ensure I was fully prepared with ideas and challenges to present during the discussions, which truly enhanced my overall experience.

How do you think the AEALCEE can benefit students both personally and professionally?

The AEALCEE serves as an invaluable learning ground for students, offering exposure to industry experts and a platform to articulate suggestions for improving the teaching of business and economics in Spain. The association also works to ensure a seamless transition for students as they enter the workforce. 

On a personal level, the opportunity to engage with peers and professionals from across Spain has helped me cultivate a network that will prove invaluable in my future career endeavors. In addition, the insights gleaned from seasoned professionals during the conference have significantly enriched my perspective and knowledge base. I think other students will be able to share similar stories if they attend the conference in the future. 

AEALCEE Conference

Any advice to students who might be interested in participating?

Preparation is key. Familiarize yourself with the presented materials and jot down notes so you can actively engage in debates and discussions when the time comes. Additionally, approach the conference with an open mind, as you’ll encounter various people with diverse backgrounds and stories that can broaden your understanding and spark new ideas.