IE University’s Creative Campus is not just a place—it’s a state of mind, where creative minds meet to collaborate and work together with the wider community to provide innovative solutions to real-world problems. While our vision is global, the newly renovated Palacio de Mansilla, in the historic city of Segovia, forms the vibrant hub for IE School of Architecture & Design’s state-of-the-art labs, classrooms and workshops. Join us on a journey through this new and exciting creative ecosystem.

Where tradition meets innovation: Segovia’s rich educational heritage

IE University’s Segovia location is steeped in history: our students already have the privilege of learning within the former Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, where monks once pored over their manuscripts. And our Creative Campus is housed in the magnificent setting of the Palacio de los Condes de Mansilla, a heritage building dating back to the 13th century, which in 1969 became the home of Segovia University College. IE University is proud to continue this tradition, reinforcing our commitment to Segovia as an important educational hub.

The palace is now undergoing extensive refurbishment, transforming it into a state-of-the-art educational space. It will feature classrooms, workshops and laboratories across all floors, as well as administrative areas, exhibition spaces and outdoor recreational areas. From September 2025, students from the Bachelor in Architectural Studies, the Bachelor in Design and our brand-new Bachelor in Fashion Design will relocate to Creative Campus Segovia—an important milestone for IE School of Architecture & Design and for the wider community.

A new narrative for the creative industries

The recent launch was attended by a number of high-profile figures from the local community, including the Mayor of Segovia. David Goodman, Dean of IE School of Architecture & Design, gave an impassioned speech in which he outlined the mission of Creative Campus Segovia:

“Our mission is, and should be, to develop, nurture and deploy the power of human creativity to shape a more sustainable, more just and more beautiful world. Through innovative programs and high-impact research, we prepare future leaders and expand knowledge in the creative industries. Our vision is a school dedicated to creative pursuits—it is a living gallery and laboratory, a point of connection to a larger community, a key point in the cultural landscape and the cultural agenda of Europe and beyond.”—David Goodman, Dean of IE School of Architecture & Design

With this new milestone, we’re also launching a new narrative, based around our mission for IE School of Architecture & Design and our reasons for launching the Creative Campus.

This new narrative gives us the following advantages:

  • Expanding our expertise by reaching out to all branches of the creative industries.
  • Attracting new talent by becoming a hub for design innovation in Europe and the world.
  • Personalizing pathways to tailor our programs to the individual interests of our students and encourage their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Forging new partnerships and alliances, building on and expanding our extensive network of collaborators, students, faculty, alumni and guest speakers.
  • Building our reputation in design disciplines through our world-class facilities and future-focused, cutting-edge programs.

A design philosophy for the future: the Creative Campus approach

Our vision is a world-class educational environment that positions us as a leading design school, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. As well as our Fab Lab, a unique learning environment where students can make and test their projects using the latest digital fabrication technology, Creative Campus Segovia will give students access to a range of construction, biomaterials and textile research laboratories, experimentation workshops and digital fabrication classrooms. 

So what does this mean for our future students? What does Creative Campus Segovia have to offer?

  1. Our Design Ahead ethos. IE School of Architecture & Design is always at the forefront of design trends. We embrace the responsibility of setting new design standards, as part of our commitment to bridge the gap between academia and the professional world. 
  2. Craft. Our commitment to craftsmanship is reflected in our facilities. We encourage creatives, entrepreneurs and the wider community to come together to do—not just to think about doing. 
  3. Creative ecosystem. Creativity is our lifeblood, but we don’t just create—we also distribute what we create, making an impact through exhibitions, publications and much more. 
  4. Community engagement. This is a vital part of IE University’s ethos. We’ve designed Creative Campus Segovia as a hub of innovation not only for the IE Community, but for Segovia as a whole. Through initiatives such as the D(esign) Lab and the Center for Sustainable Cities, we’re strengthening IE University’s bonds with the communities where we live and work.

Find out more here about our Creative Campus and all the resources we have available to enable creative minds from different disciplines to collaborate