The Dual Degrees at IE University offer students the opportunity to graduate with two bachelor’s degrees by completing an additional year of academic studies.

The Dual Degree programs at IE University allow students to dive into a multidisciplinary study program that’s personalized to their chosen career path. By completing one additional year of academic studies, students will graduate with an impressive two bachelor’s degrees. This will enable them to become diverse, multifaceted individuals ready to tackle the ever-changing professional landscape.

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Below are just a few reasons why doing a Dual Degree at IE University is the best decision you’ll make:

You’re in charge of your degree

By studying degree programs from two different disciplines, you will be in charge of building your degree in a way that suits your chosen career path. Incorporating IE University’s student-centered approach, staff at IE University will help you to personalize your degree structure to best fit your interests, strengths, and aspirations. You will complete your studies with a degree tailored to you.

Experience two educational environments

Studying two different disciplines means you are able to experience different educational environments, gaining valuable experience with different research methods and learning methods from both disciplines. You will gain experience learning from a wider range of IE University’s industry-leading professors. You’ll broaden your educational portfolio with a skillset that will equip you to face any challenge in the professional workplace.

Customize your study hours

With a Dual Degree program comes the option to adapt your schedule around your studies and  extracurricular activities and align them to match your personal interests. This ability to prioritize your workload alongside other activities will be invaluable when tackling work on a professional scale.

Learn the value of flexibility and adaptability

Pursuing two different degree programs will equip you with two skills which are incredibly valued by employers: flexibility and adaptability. You will learn how to balance your work-life schedule and demonstrate the ability to manage two fields of study at the same time. With disciplines becoming increasingly intertwined, these skills will be invaluable when entering the job market.

Meet more students from IE University’s global community

When studying a Dual Degree you have the opportunity to make the most out of IE University’s globally diverse student body. You will be able to meet even more classmates than you would if you studied just one degree, and you’ll expand your personal network even further. Meet, connect, and work with like-minded, aspirational students and take your studies to a new level.

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Discover which Dual Degree program is right for you:

Dual Degree Bachelor in Business Administration + Bachelor in Laws

Designed for students aspiring to become leading individuals in both the corporate and legal landscape. It provides students with a dynamic educational pathway to ensure they are sufficiently challenged and equipped for future endeavors.

Dual Degree Bachelor in Business Administration + Bachelor in International Relations

This Dual Degree incorporates the acquisition of dynamic, international knowledge into a challenging program. Students will graduate with a deeper understanding of world affairs accompanied with an unbeatable knowledge of business foundations.

Dual Degree Bachelor in Laws + Bachelor in International Relations

Combining law and internationalization, students will become globally aware lawyers ready to tackle the legal sector on an international scale.

Dual Degree Bachelor in Politics, Law & Economics + Data & Business Analytics

Prepares students to become positive, leading individuals who apply their knowledge of important social issues to make data-driven decisions.

Dual Degree in Business Administration + Data and Business Analytics

Designed to enable students to analyze data in a way that will help companies and businesses develop. Students will become leaders in this area and gain indispensable knowledge on the importance of understanding and applying data.