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Winter break is just around the corner. Are you going to let that crush you can’t stop thinking about slip away from you? The time for small talk down at the local bar is over!

It’s time for a romantic date to keep the butterflies alive before you both head home for the holidays. You’ll be confident making the first move by surprising your crush with one of these cozy winter date ideas. A perfectly intimate evening starts out with a solid plan! 

Dating in Segovia is easy! Segovia is renowned for its cobalt mountains, lush fields, colorful sunsets and golden light, making it an ideal place to ignite a romantic spark. Enjoy a dreamy picnic with some of the most breathtaking views in the entire province. 

Some of Segovia’s best picnic spots and tips: 

  • The Eresma River: Located right by The Factory residence hall, the shady trees bordering the river make it the perfect spot for a quiet, private picnic.
  • Frozen Lake: Stroll along the lake during golden hour to watch the breathtaking sunset. Soak up the romantic scene as the vibrant colors melt away to a sultry twilight.
  • Mirador de la Pradera: A short walk from the Alcázar, this meadow offers spectacular views of the fortress and allows you to appreciate the ship-like stature of the Alcázar from the ground up. 

Of course, the weather can be deceiving. Don’t forget to bring a coat and a warm blanket—add in a nice bottle of red wine to help make the chilly evening feel cozy. Some cheese, crackers and a speaker to set the mood wouldn’t hurt either.

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