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About me

Daniela was born and raised in Madrid and speaks both Spanish and English. Her hobbies include art, fashion, photography and videography, fitness and well-being, travel, dance and interior design.

She completed her high school studies at Colegio Estudio in Madrid. Being a complete dreamer who is constantly searching to take creativity to new levels, she explored art and fashion, as well as advertising and communication during school. She was encouraged to keep her mind and body active, and she believes this is where she developed her current creative and artistic potential.

Daniela pursued the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media at IE University. Besides her studies, she was very involved in extracurricular activities. While at the Segovia Campus, she participated in the Communication Lab and also developed a documentary on the life of the Saharawis in the Tindouf refugee camps. Tapping into her love for art and creativity, she started her own on-demand illustration business during the pandemic. She also was part of the creation of a BCDM yearbook. 

Daniela had the opportunity to complete an internship at The School Agency, where she expanded her knowledge in the advertising and marketing industry. Daniela recently graduated and is ready to explore new opportunities.


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