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Ana Escobar was born in Madrid. She speaks Spanish, English and basic Portuguese.

She completed her entire primary and secondary education at Madrid’s Colegio Irlandesas, apart from one year where she attended Hanford boarding school in Dorset, UK. In 2012 Ana started her degree in business administration at IE University, specializing in marketing. In her third year she went to Lisbon’s Nova School of Business and Economics on an exchange. A year later, during the final semester of her degree, Ana joined the startup Le Guide Noir, kicking off her professional career.

She spent two years working there as a marketing specialist, mainly focused on developing social media campaigns, before leaving to move to London to take a Master in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management.

After a year in London Ana moved back to Madrid, where she started to work for Newlink-Globally, a communications agency oriented towards the luxury sector. After that she joined IE University’s Marketing Department, where she currently works as a marketing specialist.

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