Architecture students from IE University have a world of opportunities open to them, even before graduation.

There is more to architecture than simply construction and design. Graduates from the Bachelor in Architectural Studies at IE University are ready to transform the world. They plan sustainable communities, make urban spaces more personal, work as design architects at large firms, create art in three dimensions, and more. It’s a degree that prepares students for high-impact careers in architecture, driving innovative change in the world.

Work experience does not begin only after graduation. IE University students start to receive employment offers even before they’ve finished the program. While many alumni are recruited by major multinational companies, some prefer to join small and mid-sized companies or startups. Others go on to launch their own businesses. Each student can define their own career path based on their interests and goals—thanks to the program’s innovative curriculum, uniquely extensive internship program and practical methodology, no doors will be closed.

Two recent IE University Bachelor in Architectural Studies graduates shared their career stories with us. Their paths are very different, but both give credit to the program for leading them to their current roles. What’s more, both have big dreams, and thanks to their experience at IE University, they are ready to make those dreams a reality.

Lijia Sun works at RistrutturiAMO, an Italian firm specializing in urban home remodeling. Her experience at IE University was defined by “inclusivity and merging of different cultures,” which helped her feel at home. Later, thanks to this open mindset and the skills she acquired such as presenting projects in front of a committee, she was able to land rewarding work opportunities even before graduation.

First, she started with a Mexican firm, a big shift given her Italian and Chinese origins. In the span of a year, she got to carry out the completion of a residential project in Morelos—the first time she had the opportunity to actually see her own project being built. This is not something that usually happens to students, but at IE University, these experiences are not only possible, but common.

Her next goal is to “gain work experience in Asia and understand how architects will play an important role in the future, when the metaverse is the new internet and people will buy digital houses as NFTs.” Thanks to her studies at IE University, she now feels she can “improve people’s quality of life through design.”

Letizia Caprile, founder and creative director of Kaura Studio in Spain, shared how her tutor in the Bachelor in Architectural Studies encouraged her to try new things. Thanks to that guidance, Letizia worked on projects in four different countries to enhance her outlook as an architect and as a person. Her experiences in the UK, Chile, India and Oman ranged from private residences to social housing and real estate development. She learned firsthand that “human contact and human moments really make a difference,” which was the inspiration for launching her own business—Spain’s first experiential architecture firm.

At the same time, Letizia applies her classroom learning to an additional job as a consultant at LKI Real Estate Value. IE University graduates don’t follow only one path. Rather, the learnings and experiences allow students to take on many different professional endeavors and challenges.

You never know where your time at IE University might take you. Our programs are built to open doors worldwide, starting with internships. For example, some top hirers of IE University Bachelor in Architectural Studies alumni are:

The IE Talent & Careers department provides IE University students and alumni with expert professional guidance to design a unique and intentional career path. In the Times Higher Education Global University Employability Ranking of 2021, IE University was ranked #1 in Spain, #6 in Europe, and #19 worldwide.

Success is not something that happens automatically, but rather with conscious effort on the part of the student to take advantage of all of the resources available through IE University. The Bachelor in Architectural Studies provides students with the foundation and tools for success. Each student then becomes the architect of their own future.