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At IE University, we offer different financing and scholarship options to help you meet your professional goals.

In the latest of our conversations with IE University students, Alejandra de Gregorio tells us about her experience, both inside and outside the classroom. She explains how she’s taken so much more than just a degree from her time at IE University.

Why did you choose IE University? Why did you choose to study your degree?

I chose IE University because it offered me the chance to immerse myself in an international environment, and be educated in a hands-on, practical way. I chose my degree because, in my opinion, Business Administration and International Relations complement each other perfectly.

I think that the International Relations program gives you an understanding of why the world works the way it does, the history of humanity and why it repeats itself. It’s the perfect discipline to help us understand how much we can learn from our mistakes, and why we sometimes fail to do so. It teaches you how to think and understand philosophy, history, and current affairs. On the other hand, the Bachelor in Business Administration shapes you into a professional in the context of the globalized world we live in today, which is much more focused on the acquisition of competencies and skills. 

Why did you apply for a scholarship?

I applied for a scholarship because my parents wouldn’t have been able to pay all of the tuition on their own. I have the fellowship scholarship and have been working for the Admissions Department throughout my studies.

How was your application process for your scholarship?

For my application process, once I’d been accepted to IE University, I applied for the scholarship by writing a personal essay about who I am and why I thought I was deserving of it.

Why was the scholarship granted to you?

I guess the Financial Aid committee liked my personal statement, by the way I wrote and how I expressed myself on why I deserved this scholarship.

What are the advantages of having a scholarship at IE University?

Personally, it has allowed me to connect with students who are both younger and older than me. Plus, I’ve worked really closely with IE University staff, which has helped me grow and learn a lot. I think that academically speaking, it also helped me organize myself better—before becoming an IExPEERrience coordinator, I had to work a certain number of hours per month and maintain good grades, while at the same time keeping a healthy academic/ personal life balance. 

What is the academic importance of having a scholarship?

I think it’s basically proving to IE University and yourself that the investment they’ve made in you was worth it—that you know how valuable it is, and that you don’t take it for granted.

What do you need to do to maintain your scholarship? What skills do you think are needed to maintain your scholarship?

At first, I had to work a certain number of hours a month. Once I became an IExPEERience coordinator, the hours were reduced, but I continued going to events because I enjoyed them a lot. I think that to maintain the scholarship, you need to engage with the program and do your best. You have to give it all you’ve got! It’s important to be proud of what will become your alma mater.

How has IE University helped you by granting you the scholarship?

It’s helped me become a professional. I’ve been able to develop skills and competencies that will allow me to be ready for the ever-changing, globalized world we live in today. And for that, I will be forever thankful.

Scholarship recipients, like Alejandra, make an invaluable contribution to IE University life. We’re proud of the achievements of students like her who may not otherwise be able to study with us.