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There are many ways to change the world, but few are as potent as the humanities. For many, these disciplines offer more than just tools to understand the world, but the first step to transforming it. At IE University, we recognize the power of the humanities, weaving them into the very fabric of our purpose, programs and initiatives, both in and beyond the classroom.

The IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities

Higher education has always been rooted in the humanities, right from its inception. History, philosophy, language, literature and the arts have shaped culture over eons and, through their study, continue to nurture a fertile ground for curiosity, innovation and new ideas

The IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities are organized every year by IE Foundation in conjunction with The Arts & Humanities Division. They are a celebration of creativity, humanistic vision and critical thought through audiovisual works and the written word. From students to alumni, faculty and staff, the prizes are open to every member of the IE Community. 

These awards are the perfect platform for creative expression. To enter, participants choose from several different categories, with the best three submissions in each earning the top prize. An accomplished, globally renowned jury panel is tasked with making the winning picks.

Celebrating the humanities

Recently, we marked the eighth edition of the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities in a colorful ceremony at IE Tower. The awards followed their usual format, accepting English and Spanish entries in a number of categories: Poetry, Short Story, Short Essay, Photography and Video. But we also expanded our range with the addition of a new category—Digital Art.

The awards show turned into a feast for the imagination, taking attendees through captivating stories and impactful images. With 40% more entries submitted for consideration this year, there were plenty of options to choose from. In the end, the jury announced a stellar list of winners, with works encompassing a broad range of topics.

On the other side of the lens

The awards attracted a diverse range of guests from every corner of the IE Community. Juliette Meyer was just one of the students who attended and participated in the event. “I wanted to attend a photography contest and I was very happy to find one at IE University,” she says. 

Currently in her second year of the Dual Degree in Business Administration & International Relations, Juliette was excited to explore her skills beyond the program. This was her first time showcasing her photography hobby in public, and so was pleasantly surprised when she won a prize in her category.

“I believe these awards are crucial to developing creativity as well as critical thinking,” she explains, adding, “They motivate students to believe in themselves.” However, she believes it’s even more important that the prizes provide a space where creative professionals can network and meet others with similar interests.  

Toward a humanistic future

All in all, our latest IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities were a rousing success. Their growth reflects a shift in public consciousness as more and more people realize the importance of the humanities. As technology continues to transform society, initiatives like this remind us of the value of empathy and differing perspectives. “It is not a matter of who has the best view and changes other people’s minds,” says Juliette, “It’s about sharing views and building a better and safer world together.”