What diversity means to me

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Having been raised in a small mountain community for the first 18 years of my life, diversity was somewhat foreign to me. After moving to Spain, however, my exposure to diversity and the world around me has increased tenfold.


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Lukas Macner at LinkedIn (Dublin) |Your Own Path

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He is from the Czech Republic and works at LinkedIn in Dublin. He studied the Bachelor in Business Administration.

“The big problems and issues of the world can be solved with collective thinking and collective action which requir… https://t.co/Agc31RIbVK


“Don’t trust your perspective all the time. Ask for feedback. That is the way you learn and improve.” - @NewmanLee… https://t.co/C6egngJ3Md


On emotional intelligence and leadership: “The first task of a leader is to be yourself. The second task is leading… https://t.co/l59uk0vu9q


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The Power of Now: Pepe´s journey in learning to take in the moment

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Student Pepe López-Rúa Taboada shares with the IEU Community his journey of reconnecting with the present through mindfulness.

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IE University students put their practical skills to the test in the Marketing in Action 2020 challenge

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Students from the Bachelor in Business Administration headed to the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in mid-January 2020 for the launch of the Marketing in Action 2020 Challenge. The semester-long project—led by Teresa Serra—offered undergraduates a realistic taste of the world of consulting and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collaborate with one of the most successful football teams on the planet.