If you can’t wait to come to Spain to explore our campuses, we’ve got good news for you! At IE University, our Liquid Learning approach means we have perfected the art of bringing together the virtual and the physical in every way imaginable. We’ve even gone so far as to make it possible to visit our campuses in Madrid and Segovia—right where you are.

How does it work? It’s quite simple really. You begin by going to the Campus Tour landing page, and you’ll get the option to go to Madrid or Segovia. Whichever option you choose, you’ll then be prompted to click either the full version or the reduced version. For maximum experience, we recommend clicking the full version!

From there, well… you just follow the intuitive prompts to see where it takes you. In the Madrid campus, you’ll get to see exciting areas such as the Student Hub, Library, a large and small classroom, team-working spaces—and that’s all in just one of the IE University buildings on María de Molina street. At any point, you can click in the top-right corner where it says “show other locations” to check out the full spectrum of physical spaces, including the option to visit Segovia. In the real world, the city of Segovia is located less than two hours from Madrid. In IE University’s virtual environment, you can switch from one to the other with the click of a button.


The Segovia tour takes you through the beautiful Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, which was built in 1218 and tastefully renovated to facilitate modern, high-impact educational spaces and resources. It works just like the Madrid campus tour, where you can choose the location you want to see, whether the Oven (the media studio), the Fab Lab (a studio workshop), the Architecture Studio or more. Take your time looking around, there’s a whole world of exciting resources just waiting for you to discover at the campus in Segovia.

These virtual tours are the perfect introduction to IE University in many ways. They wonderfully embody the Liquid Learning mindset that drives our entire ecosystem. But what is Liquid Learning? Essentially, it’s a format we developed to mirror the hybrid life we already live that flows seamlessly between online and offline environments. From delivery apps to online calendars to WhatsApp messaging, our digital world enhances our in-person reality, and we choose the most effective mode for each situation.

Liquid Learning

This is Liquid Learning—and it’s more important than ever before. Right now, our agile, Liquid Learning format is allowing us to provide an educational experience that conforms to the current situation. It’s resilient. It’s creative. It’s perfect for IE University.

If you’d like to learn more about us, whether our campus, programs or the ins and outs of our Liquid Learning format, feel free to get in touch with us today!