IE University’s BBA is an innovative and international program that will help you develop the business and management skills you need for a successful career.

A Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is a degree that includes both general business courses and advanced classes focused on specific fields of business. A BBA degree is typically designed to give students a broad understanding of all areas of business functioning and how they are interconnected. BBA students learn the foundations of accounting, finance, economics, marketing, IT, operations, human resources, and other major areas of business before deciding to specialize in a concrete area.


Here are four reasons why you should pursue a BBA at IE University:

IE Business School’s rankings and recognition

IE Business School, which is part of IE University, is considered one of Europe’s best institutions of higher education by the Financial Times, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, and América Economía, just to name a few. The school enjoys prestigious accreditations from world-renowned business education organizations, including the AACSB, the AMBA, and EQUIS. This “Triple Crown Accreditation” has only been presented to a handful of institutions worldwide (a total of 76 business schools can claim this accreditation).

These recognitions indicate that IE Business School has a highly functional and effective education model. The school is closely tied to international business leaders, giving IE the unique ability to endow graduates with a competitive profile that will not only open doors, but prepare graduates for a successful future in business.

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IE University’s teaching methodology

IE University’s teaching methodology is as unique as it is innovative. At IEU, students connect theory with practice across all areas of the BBA program. Students learn from hands-on projects, real-life cases, and meaningful exposure to the business world. They also enjoy access to plenty of resources that help them build their professional profile.

The BBA gives students the resources and environment they need to flourish. In class, students have the opportunity to engage in IEU labs and consultancy projects to hone their skills. They’ll also get to choose between spectacular electives and a variety of concentrations when it comes time to specialize. We expose students to business and management every step of the way, inviting them to engage with the material they are presented with.

Drive change

We live in a world in constant movement. The way we do business internationally is always changing due to new technologies and a culture of innovation. At IEU, we know that you need to face these changes head-on if you want to be successful. That’s why we teach our students to drive change, and think seriously about what kind of impact they want to have on the world, both personally and professionally.

Undergraduate business education must go beyond good classes, teaching skills, and learning theory. Today’s world needs professionals armed with a BBA profile who are not afraid to create change and make their mark. We want to give our students a fresh, new dynamic that helps them stand out. At IEU, our focus is to help you lead while encouraging you to reach your full potential.  


As one of our students put it, “Entrepreneurship is a way of being; every time you face a problem you have to use your imagination to find new answers.” At IE University, we harness new ways of thinking and foster an innovative environment where students are free to unleash their creativity. Entrepreneurship is a core value at IEU. Throughout the BBA program, students will have access to all the resources they need to conceptualize, test, and launch their startup.

We believe that entrepreneurship is crucial for both the social and professional development of our society. Entrepreneurship is the force that drives change through new ventures and projects, as well as in existing ones. More than a tool to launch a business, entrepreneurship is a set of skills, behaviors, and attitudes that push our students to design and implement innovative solutions to existing problems.

IE University’s BBA is an innovative and international program that will help you develop the business and management competencies you need to have a successful career, whether it’s in a multinational corporation or in your own startup. Learn more about this program here!