IE University’s Bachelor in Applied Mathematics looks to challenge the notion of math as an overly complicated academic discipline. By taking a practical approach to solving real-world problems, this four-year program places students in a prime position for jobs across a whole host of industries.

The myth that math is either something you get or something you don’t is a pervasive belief across every level of education. Time and again, people will tell you they just can’t do it and often, the way the subject is taught makes this a self-fulfilling prophecy. IE University’s Bachelor in Applied Mathematics aims to tackle the negative rhetoric around math and prove that it doesn’t have to be all that difficult.

While the core principles of math endure, its applications in the modern world are constantly adapting to new trends and emerging innovations. This is part of what makes it such an exhilarating and dynamic area of study. The Bachelor curriculum is designed to help students build a strong foundation in mathematics and its vast range of applications, with a focus on developing tangible problem-solving abilities. As with all IE University’s programs, there is a strong emphasis on practical skills and real-world experience, all fostered by a progressive and hands-on learning approach.

What is the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics like?

One of the unique characteristics of the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics is the opportunity to choose from three different concentrations. Students have the chance to tailor their study plans to their passions and long-term career goals by choosing from Industrial Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence and Financial Mathematics. By splitting the program into three areas of expertise, specific classes are curated by our world-class teaching staff in order to ensure students will be well-prepared to rise to the most complex challenges in their chosen field.

How can mathematics make a meaningful impact?

One example of how math can help solve a pressing societal challenge is in the battle against climate change. According to NTT DATA’s Marta Enesco: “Businesses need to adapt and form part of the energy transition; we need people with a logical mindset as well as the statistical tools and knowledge to solve issues around renewable energy.” Her feelings are echoed by Vincenzo Nava, head researcher at the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics: “Applied mathematics is one of the most powerful tools that can support the development of offshore wind energy.”

Deepening your knowledge

The concentration in Industrial Mathematics is aimed at professionals who are passionate about using mathematical models to optimize and analyze industrial processes. The program will prepare students to thrive in industries such as manufacturing, supply chain management, energy systems and more, taking up roles like biomathematicians, cybersecurity experts, or logistics consultants.

Meanwhile, the focus of the concentration in Artificial Intelligence is perhaps the most dynamic and fast-evolving field within applied mathematics today. This program will guide students in harnessing the power of AI for good and place them at the forefront of a job market showing limitless potential. Vast resources are currently being devoted to understanding how AI can help businesses become more efficient and change people’s lives for the better through the concepts of machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, reinforcement learning and natural language processing. 

What are some of the career outcomes of the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics?

The program has been devised to develop highly sought-after profiles across a variety of sectors, preparing students for careers in anything from robotics to meteorology modeling, as well as countless unknown roles that are likely to spring up as this emerging field continues to grow.

For those who would prefer to take a more traditional route through the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics, the concentration in Financial Mathematics is a highly engaging option. Aimed primarily at the world of banking and investment funds, alongside analytics and statistics, this concentration is tailored towards one of the professional fields with the highest demand for applied mathematicians. It focuses on all areas of digital economic activity, enabling you to design and analyze core business elements in a wide range of sectors and crafting an attractive profile with countless exciting career prospects. 

A worthwhile challenge

In fact, although a degree in Applied Mathematics may appear arduous to the uninitiated, the reality is that, given the right tools and guidance, it can be an accessible and absorbing area of study. The transferable and practical skills you’ll develop in the program are in increasing demand across the business world and will be crucial in solving global challenges both now and long into the future.

So, if you believe in math’s power to change the world, ignore the negativity and start your journey toward a new and exciting career now.

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