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A native of the United States with Italian and Venezuelan heritage, Federica Caso has lived in some very different places around the world and has assimilated into many different cultures.

Federica was drawn to art and architecture from a young age. While her parents were both lawyers, her family loved art, and it rubbed off on her. Artistic from the start, as a child she created structures from any materials she could find and was fascinated by the plans her grandfather, an architect, showed her. The possibilities in those plans, and the process of them transforming into our living spaces, hooked her.

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It’s fitting, then, that Federica is studying the Bachelor in Design. In this podcast, she explains that she was looking for the most diverse university possible, with the broadest offering. She explains how the business insights that are part of the IE University mindset are not common in art programs, and the diverse fields addressed by the program made it stand out when she researched where to study.