How can we use data to ensure fairer policies? Can we use data analysis to reduce crime? How about using analytics to improve ambulance routes? If you’re asking yourself these questions, then you should be studying the Dual Degree in PLE & Data and Business Analytics.

The Dual Degree in PLE & Data and Business Analytics encourages students to become global change-makers who are ready to positively impact societies, organizations, and companies. By studying this degree, you will learn how to apply your knowledge of complex social environments alongside your strong analytical skills to make data-driven decisions. No challenge will be too big, as you will have numerous opportunities to experiment with the latest data technologies and tools applied to the sector.

Created by IE Law School, IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, and IE School of Global and Public Affairs, this program helps transform students into innovative leaders, ready to embark on an invigorating career path.

Dual Degrees at IE University offer students a unique opportunity to study two related degrees in one, single program. By dynamically incorporating both fields of study into the degree, students are able to receive two undergraduate diplomas upon graduation and are more than prepared to follow their chosen career paths.

To learn more about the Dual Degree in PLE & Data and Business Analytics, we checked in with Rafif Srour, Academic Director of Data & Business Analytics at IE University, who gave us the lowdown on this program.

What is the Dual Degree in PLE & Data and Business Analytics?

This Dual Degree is centered around the interaction of politics, law, and economics with data science. It’s a call for action for students to observe and understand present-day economic, legal, and political realities in order to collect and analyze data. This will help them to make decisions driven by data which have the potential to make a global impact on our society.

IE University Data and Business Analytics

Who is the Dual Degree in PLE & Data and Business Analytics aimed at?

Students of the Dual Degree in PLE and Data and Business Analytics are those who possess an international and political background. They are intellectually ambitious individuals with a strong analytical mind and an impressive competency in math.

What makes this program so unique?

The uniqueness of this program stems from the program design itself, which is quite revolutionary and innovative. The study plan is divided into three modules: the first is based on providing a foundation of PLE and data analytics; the second is centered around the skills and tools that the student will learn from both sides of the degree; and the third is the hands-on application of these skills and tools.

The second aspect which makes the Dual Degree so unique is the high degree of flexibility that the program offers, especially during the fourth year of study. During this year, students have the freedom to choose to undergo a year-long exchange studying PLE or data science at one of our partner universities, to opt for a shorter exchange or internship, or to take classes here at IE University.

What advice would you offer to potential students?

My advice to students interested in this program is to be ready to explore your potential to the maximum and to embrace the challenges that this Dual Degree is going to offer you, both from a PLE and Data-Analytics perspective.

Students who graduate from this Dual Degree will have the opportunity to work as government analysts, economic or market analysts, or data chief scientists. Any career that involves politics, law, economics, and data science, our students are ready for it.