Daniel Cheryshev studies the Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations at IE University while working as a business operations intern at Madrid tech startup, Super Robotics. We spoke to him about his IE University experience, the skills you need for his industry and advice he has for future students.

Daniel Cheryshev

I’m Daniel Cheryshev, a motivated and curious final-year student at IE University. I’m passionate about the business world and international relations. I work at a Spanish tech company that aims to implement automation in the supermarket sector. 

My role is to search for technological synergies for the company, manage our customer and supplier relationship management tools and do research. I’ve found that interpersonal and soft skills have been some of the most valuable to my career so far and I’m happy to have learned them at IE University.

Could you tell us about your current work at Super Robotics? 

I do a wide range of tasks. One of them is working on the company’s customer relationship management tool in order to effectively save our clients’ information. I contact suppliers when searching for new components for our robots in development, and help in research tasks such as looking for the best external human resources company that could help us in recruiting processes.

How did your experience at IE University prepare you for your professional career? 

IE University has prepared me to deal with many business fields at the same time. For example, for my research tasks, I need knowledge of human resources, marketing and strategy—three subjects I learned at IE University during my program. The most important thing, however, is probably the interpersonal skills that I developed during my classes, which prepared me to talk with other people in a professional manner and establish effective working relationships with them.

What is the competitive advantage that studying at IE University provides or has provided you?

The multicultural background that you’re able to experience. Many companies today look for professionals who speak more than one language and have empathy towards other cultures so being immersed in such a multicultural environment at IE University really prepares you for this. Moreover, IE University has great opportunities for learning new skills, like coding, which are also highly sought after.

Do you have any advice for IE University students and alumni who are looking to pursue a Business Operations career? 

My advice is that they should have the motivation to gain knowledge from various fields. In order to be good at business operations it’s necessary to know about finance to control budgets and marketing to know how you’re going to sell a product, among others. Business operations deals with the whole value chain in a company and it’s usually quite multidisciplinary so don’t get tunnel vision about what interests you most – every part of it is important. 

Daniel Cheryshev

What skills do you consider are needed to succeed in your field?

I would say that soft skills are the most important part of a business operations career. This includes teamwork, communication, and multitasking. That said, some hard skills will also be useful such as being familiar with Microsoft and Google tools.

If someone were considering going to IE University, what would you tell them?

Without a doubt, going to IE University will be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. It’s a university that values its students and heavily invests in innovation, technology and cross-cultural connection.

Why did you choose the Dual Degree in Business Administration+ International Relations program at IE University?

Personally, I chose the program as I’ve always been interested in the role of businesses and the importance of nations and international organizations in the world. If you love history, international relations and learning languages but would like to have a strong business background for working at an international level, this degree is for you.