The Bachelor in International Relations at IE University is truly a unique and impactful program thanks to the array of hands-on learning opportunities designed to enhance students’ learning experiences. This is on top of our multifaceted curriculum, designed in partnership with the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) and delivered by world-class faculty who are experts in their fields. Let’s take a closer look at the extracurricular opportunities available to students of the Bachelor in International Relations program.

Explore solutions to real-world problems 

  • IE University Model United Nations: Since 2021, IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs has collaborated with the IE Debate Club to put on a model UN conference with the overall aim of building global cooperation and innovation. The event gives students the opportunity to simulate different UN agencies and look for real solutions to real global challenges, with teams battling it out to get a resolution passed and win an award. Not only that, participants also have the chance to visit UN headquarters and meet senior professionals. The conference is an excellent way to build skills in debating and public speaking, diplomacy, negotiation, leadership, collaboration and more.
  • IE University’s Humanitarian Crisis Simulation: During this yearly activity at IE University in Madrid, students take on the role of humanitarian NGO workers, simulating a refugee camp in order to better understand the complex issue of migration as well as the vital work that NGOs do. In last year’s edition, students benefitted from a talk from a UNHCR representative, hearing about the important work they are doing with refugees and asylum seekers.

Work towards the Sustainable Development Goals: 

  • La España Azul: IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs also collaborates with La España Azul, an inspiring organization founded and led by Nacho Dean, an explorer, writer and speaker. La España Azul’s mission is to “explore, learn and protect,” and aims to educate people on the importance of caring for our seas and oceans, promoting sustainable practices that have a positive impact on the environment. Through a marketing and communications project, teams of students compete for a chance to spend a weekend with Nacho and his team to see the work they do. 
  • The Good Goal app: IE University embraces novel learning methods like gamification as a way to connect education with everyday life. The Good Goal app aims to raise students’ awareness and challenge them to cut their carbon emissions, helping them see the impact they can make on an individual basis. 

Take on a challenge:

  • Transformational Leadership Journey to Nepal: This is a truly unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Every year, a group of 2nd-year Bachelor in International Relations students travel to Nepal to take part in a transformational leadership experience that sees them travel across the world to put their learning into practice.

Everything that you’re studying, you get a chance to see in reality,

Sofia Platanova, 2023 participant

The trip immerses students in Nepalese culture, giving them firsthand insights into the history that shaped the country and the policies that they are working on in order to build a sustainable future. Students also witness breathtaking scenery as they hike in the Himalayas, working on their team-building skills and their ability to work together in challenging situations.

Find your inspiration to lead positive change

Through collaboration with its partners and access to an extensive global network, the IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs offers a personalized and transformative learning experience to Bachelor in International Relations students. In addition to the experiences mentioned here, students have the chance to participate in exchange programs, summer research programs, internships and much more. The program opens many doors, and our graduates go on to successful careers in a range of sectors.

Program alum Jade Bez comments that the experience at IE University “really helped me grow up and understand what I wanted from life.” Another alum, Ana Hernandez, highlights the diversity of her peers in the program, appreciating the chance to “connect with them and learn from them, which enriches you personally and professionally.” Ana now works in the banking and finance sector in Zürich, while Jade works in the automobile industry in Brussels. The holistic approach to international relations that they found at IE University helped them find success in their own fields. 

With the Bachelor in International Relations you can find your own path, crafting your personal learning journey to achieve the career that inspires you to build a more sustainable world.