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Chen-hao Ho shares his experience as a Business Administration student in Segovia

Originally from Shanghai, Chen-hao Ho is now studying Business Administration at IE University’s campus in Segovia. Coming to study in Spain may have seemed like a daunting and ambitious task at first, but now Chen-hao Ho has learned to embrace change and is the perfect example of the visions we strive for at IE University.

IE University is proud to boast its richly diverse environment, made up of over 130 nationalities. It is for this reason that our students are able to become internationally aware individuals with a strong global mindset. We encourage our students to learn more about other cultures and we are always impressed by the ways in which our students grasp the opportunity to explore and learn from one another.

In our interview with Chen-hao Ho, we learn about the challenges and achievements which come with being an international student on campus. Chen-hao also offers some advice for any prospective students thinking about making the move to study at IE University.

Why did you choose to study at IE University?

When I was still at high school, I was already certain that I wanted to continue my education at a European institution. At the same time, IE University visited my school for a briefing, and straight away I knew IE University was the one for me. I discussed this with my parents and they agreed with me!

How have you adapted to the studying, lifestyle, food, and culture here? What do you like the most?

Personally, I think I’m rather good at adapting to new environments. However, currently living in Segovia is very different to Shanghai. Moving to a small town which is nothing like my hometown was a big shock in the beginning.

Studying here is great! The class sizes are small so the professors are able to get to know all of us individually. This really helps my learning process and helps the atmosphere on campus to not be too stressful.

Lifestyle and culture was a bit trickier to tackle for me. I didn’t know any Spanish before coming here so this was definitely the biggest challenge I faced. On the other hand, the people here really enjoy life and are very peaceful. This actually is a great environment for me to be in, as being away from the noisy city helps me to settle down and focus on my studies more.

Was there anything you weren’t expecting when arriving at IE University that you soon came to like?

In the beginning, I thought the absence policy in place here was a bit unnecessary, especially for university-level students. However, later on, I started to like it as it “forces” me to go actually go to class – this is great for students with little self control (me included.)

What have you found most interesting about living in Spain? What’s your favorite spot in Segovia?

As I mentioned before, living in Spain has been amazing. It is really beautiful here and there are so many opportunities for me to travel and explore this part of the world! My favorite spot in Segovia would have to be the top of the Aqueduct. You can see it in its entirety here; it’s truly spectacular.

What’s your favorite subject and why? Are you planning on undergoing an internship or exchange next year?

My favorite subject is definitely marketing. I am aiming to pursue a career in this field and I find learning about it really intriguing. I am hoping to partake in an internship instead of an exchange as next semester I will be moving to Madrid. I want to be able to spend time exploring the city and getting to know life in the capital.

Do you have any advice to offer other Chinese students who are thinking of coming to study at IE University?

IE University is an international university where you are able to meet students from all around the world. At first, the cultural and language differences may seem scary, but stepping out of your comfort zone and understanding one another is the best chance to open your mind and grow as a global citizen. IE University is the perfect place to embrace this amazing opportunity.