Madrid, the capital of Spain, is home to more than three million people. It’s an enchanting city full of exciting things to do every day and night of the week. Whether you go to Retiro park for a walk and picnic or dance the night away at a fun club in Chueca, you won’t regret living and studying in Madrid.

In the campus of the future

Joining IE University allows you to study in the financial center of Madrid. IE Tower is a state-of-the-art building—the fifth tallest in Madrid and seventh in Spain. It has sixty-four innovative classrooms, with four featuring a 360-degree structure. 

There are green spaces, sports facilities and a variety of rooms designed to make the student experience as amazing as possible. The latest technologies are integrated into each classroom. Furthermore, our expert faculty ensure that technical training, cutting-edge industry insights and tech innovations are blended seamlessly into the curriculum.  The dedication to excellence makes the whole learning experience more valuable and impactful. IE Tower is the campus of the future, and the possibilities are endless.

Studying in Madrid

Madrid is home to top universities—attractive to students who want a world-class education. Your professors and teachers are qualified experts in their field, ready to enrich your learning in boundless ways. 

What’s more, many leading companies are based in Madrid. This makes it easier to access top-tier professional opportunities such as internships, which can make all the difference in hiring decisions. You will gain invaluable insights and hands-on experience to become a competitive prospect in your field. You could also get a part-time job instead, providing many opportunities to make friends and expand your network. 

Out and about in Madrid

There is so much more to do in Madrid—let’s start with the basics. When you look at a map of Madrid, circle Sol and Gran Via. That is the center of the city where you can observe Spanish architecture, eat in the most delicious restaurants and shop at any store imaginable. Afterward, you can take one of two directions: go west and you’ll run into the Royal Palace of Madrid—the official residence of the Royal Family of Spain. Across this is the Almudena Cathedral: a stunning church that has colorful chapels and a crypt inside. Further away, you’ll find a reconstructed Egyptian temple known as the Temple of Debod. 

Moving east, you will see the Puerta de Alcalá; a beautiful neoclassical stone arch in the city center. Right behind it sits the city’s main park, El Parque del Buen Retiro. El Retiro—as it’s colloquially called—also houses several museums and features a large lake at the heart of the park. And, if you want to enjoy stunning paintings and sculptures, head over to El Prado. 

There are so many cafés you can go study at with your friends. Restaurants serving all types of cuisines are abundant; you can satisfy any palate or craving. For sports fans, there are numerous football stadiums to watch matches from. If you are a Real Madrid fan, head to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium: Atletico Madrid fans can go to Wanda Metropolitano.  And, if you fancy a night out, the nightlife in Madrid is fun and lively. You can pick and choose where to go—from the hipster vibe of Malasaña, the charming restaurants of La Latina, or the vibrant gay bars of Chueca.

Every day in Madrid will be new and adventurous: you’ll never run out of things to do.

Getting ready for the move

The decision has been made; your plan to study in Madrid is set. But, there are many things to consider before coming to Madrid. A checklist will come in handy, helping you to keep track of all the logistics before making the big move. 

Make sure you have a valid passport before coming over to Spain. Get a student visa once you have the university acceptance paperwork—unless you are a citizen of the European Union, in which case you won’t need a visa. Book your flights as soon as possible. Research areas to live in because each of Madrid’s communities is different and has its charm. Finally, get a transportation card. Madrid is a large metropolis but its excellent public transport allows you to travel by metro, commuter train or bus.

Madrid is a city where everything feels alive. When you study in one of the biggest cities in Europe, you will get the best—from endless learning possibilities to a great student life. You always discover something new in Madrid, whether you have been living here for one month or one year. It’s an interesting city where there are boundless opportunities to make your time as a student an unforgettable experience. By the end of your time in Madrid as a student, you will be able to call yourself a madrileño.