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Isabella Miller is a third-year undergraduate student at IE University, currently studying the Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations. Isabella decided to move abroad, traveling from the US to settle down in her new home in the financial hub of Madrid. She recently got the chance to explore further afield on a unique trip through Nepal.

I first learned about IE University from my father, who graduated with his Executive MBA in 1987. This sparked a love for travel and fostered my desire for unique international experiences. My own multicultural background as a half-Filipino woman living in the US gave me a diverse, global outlook. That’s why, ever since I started thinking about higher education, I always knew that I wanted to study abroad. I was eager to learn about different cultures, encounter new perspectives and set the foundation for my own career on the global stage.

At first, I considered joining a university in the US but quickly found that even the best exchange programs only offered two years abroad at exorbitant rates. It made more sense to simply move abroad—and that’s what I did when I discovered the unique Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations. Not only would I have the chance to live in Madrid, a hub for business and finance, I would also study a combination of programs that would both hone my business skill set and give me the international understanding that I had been looking for. 

The last three years have been firsthand proof that joining IE University was the right decision. I’ve found that the business concepts I’ve learned in class are easily applicable to the courses I study in international relations and vice versa. These distinct skills and knowledge are blending together perfectly.

Outside the classroom, being here has given me endless opportunities to build friendships, rack up new experiences and finally experience the full breadth of diversity—students come to study at IE University from more than 140 countries around the world. My favorite memory so far has been taking part in the IE Transformational Journey to Nepal with my peers. Not only did the trip expose me to a new culture, it expanded my worldview and understanding of cultures and religions, and strengthened my connection to the people around me.

I’ve also grown socially, becoming an active part of several extracurriculars, from clubs to athletics and various Campus Life activities. Organizing our own chapter of the IE Model United Nations, traveling to prestigious international competitions with the debate team, and being captain of the IEU Women’s Football Club in Segovia—these achievements have only been possible because of the support of the faculty and my peers. In my free time, I manage to indulge in a few of my hobbies, such as music, debate, football, hanging out with friends and sampling new foods around the city. 

Professionally, I’ve had the chance to attend numerous networking events here, building connections with professionals at the top of the field. And with countless other enriching experiences to choose from, I feel prepared to take on the professional world. The network I’ve established here is already paying off—I’ve managed to secure some internship opportunities during the course of the program. Furthermore, joining the Marketing Lab in my first year gave me hands-on experience as I was able to apply my knowledge in working on real projects with real marketing professionals. 

At IE University, whether in class or outside, you can develop your passions and interests through a diversity of experiences. This flexibility will come in handy in my future career, where I plan to work in many different industries to become a true multidisciplinary professional. After all, I firmly believe that “successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities; they vary in their desires to reach their potential.” And I’m very motivated to turn my professional vision into a reality.

Tell us about yourself: Where are you? Where have you lived? What do you study? 

My name is Isabella Miller, I am currently living in Madrid and I am a half-filipino from the United States! I study BBA-BIR.

Why did you choose to come to IEU? Why you chose your degree? Do you like the uni? Do you like your career? 

Originally, I found out about IE because my dad got an EMBA graduating in 1987. I knew I wanted to study somewhere that would give me an international experience, and I originally was looking at places in the US with really good exchange programmes, but all of those would give me a maximum of 2 years abroad, and cost a lot of money. So I decided, why not just move abroad? Then after making that decision, I was looking for a business school that would give me international experience abroad. And IE checked-off all these boxes perfectly and after attending the IE Experience, my choice was made. The combination of International Relations (IR) and Business (BBA) gave me the business aspect I was looking for, and the international understanding I was craving. And not only that, these two degrees blend together so well that all the business concepts can be applied in the IR courses, and vice versa.  And after 3 years, moving to IE and doing BBA-BIR has never been anything but the best decision I’ve made for myself.

I really enjoy IE and the doors it has opened for me, in friendships, in experiences, and in understanding the value of diversity. 

Isabella Miller

What is your experience at IEU? (Campus life, Clubs, Athletics)

I have had lots of experiences in campus life, clubs, and athletics. From being an organiser of IE’s own model United Nations, traveling to Harvard University with the debate team, being the captain of the Segovia Women’s Football team, and creating relationships with staff and students through campus life events, I can say nothing but positive things. There are opportunities for anything you may desire for your free time, art, sports, networking, ect.

How IEU helps you with your personal and professional experiences? How do you feel about it? 

With the extent of opportunities given from IE, including professional networking events, personal development through the counselling department, and social gatherings, IE has given me a plethora of experiences that have shaped me as a young adult. IE has not only specified the importance of diversity in terms of its student body, but also in terms of what opportunities are offered; this makes me feel thoroughly prepared both professionally and personally. The one that stands out the most, is the IE Transformational Journey to Nepal. This trip not only expanded my views on the world, but also my connections with the people around me and my understanding of cultures and religions. 

What hobbies do you have? What do you like doing in your day to day? Any internship experiences? 

I have many hobbies, such, hanging out with my friends, music, debate, football, or trying out new foods around the city. I have had some internship experiences both through IE and outside. My first year, I was a part of the marketing lab where I was able to apply the knowledge learned in class with real market professionals, doing real world issues. We covered issues in companies such as Twitter, Heineken, Deliveroo, and many others. Outside of IE, I have been doing a transportation and urban planning internship and looking for others to diversify my portfolio. 

What do you want to do in the future? Or what path you want to take? 

Unlike many, I don’t really have a plan as I don’t want to limit myself to a certain sector and truly see all the options available to me through different experiences. Due to this, I am constantly trying out different industries, whether it be consulting, politics, marketing, or research. I am able to develop all of my interests through different clubs, and even just In my diverse set of classes. 

A quote that represents something you care, or something you feel about life.

“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential”

John Maxwell