Entrepreneurship is one of IE University’s key values. Camila Monguzzi took her entrepreneurial drive beyond her IE University experience and has shaped her career with her startup, Fitclub Collective. Now, she’s giving back to the IE University community with a goal to share her experiences through fitness. Read on to learn about her experience at IE University and vision for fitness.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Peruvian and Argentinian, and I studied the Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media at IE University. In September 2018, in the midst of my studies, I created my first startup called Fitclub Collective. Fast forward to today, it’s now my job and everyday motivation.

We currently have a fitness studio in Madrid in Barrio de Salamanca and are collaborating with the brand new IE Tower to offer Fitclub Collective classes, which is very exciting! I am thrilled to further share health, community and experiences with the IE University family, as that’s where my entrepreneurial spirit and love of fitness collided.

Why did you choose to study at IE University?

I chose IE University because of its international recognition, cultural diversity and the fact that it’s in Madrid, a city that was silently calling me. Now I know it was because there was an opportunity waiting for me—it was meant to be.

How did studying at IE University impact your personal and professional growth?

IE University taught me to see the world from a different angle. It allowed me to understand how far I could go and how much work and discipline I needed to put into every decision I made. On a personal level, I met so many amazing people from different backgrounds, truly shaping me to embrace multicultural societies and learn from them.

The IE University entrepreneurial environment taught me that having your own business requires you to be resilient. One of the workshops that helped me the most was the Venture Lab. I was kindly invited to participate as an undergraduate student, which wasn’t very common. It helped me build my confidence, learn pitching skills and how to stand up for myself and my ideas. I also met wonderful mentors with whom I am still in contact today.

What do you like the most about studying at IE University?

IE University’s community is what I liked the most. Being an IE University student also taught me a lot more than just theory, the program was full of experiences. I decided to live in Madrid although I studied in Segovia so I had to commute every day, which helped build my discipline as well. IE University inspired me to become an entrepreneur while I was studying. It wasn’t easy but I loved it, and today the effort is reaping the rewards.

Can you tell us about your professional background?

I have worked on multiple things throughout my life. I am an artist at heart and at nine years old was invited to act in some professional theater plays in Lima, which I did until I was 11. After finishing school, my mom and I worked together to start a retail business in Lima importing Colombian bikinis. That lasted a couple of years and while working there, I was also hired by an important consulting company to carry out an internship in their marketing department.

In my role today, my everyday motivation is sharing happiness with my clients. I believe Fitclub has become a big family and making people healthier and happier fulfills me and gives me the strength to keep growing and expanding further.

What does success mean to you?

For me, success is defined by three main components: happiness, health and growth. Success comes with ups and downs—that is inevitable, but the key is resilience and perseverance.

What have been the biggest challenges in your professional life?

I would say one of my biggest challenges was being alone in a country that was not my own and building a name for myself. There are a lot of challenges people face every single day when they are in charge of a team and a brand, but I’ve learned I need to be creative and act as a problem solver in order to succeed.

You’re coming back to IE University to give fitness classes at the new IE Tower in Madrid. What will the fitness classes be like?

I am running a pilot project with the IE Tower, which I am thrilled about. Fitclub will power all the fitness classes offered by the new IE Fitness Club. The students at IE University will now have access to my method, classes and social experiences, and I am sure they are going to love it! We are bringing the very best to the IE University community. This project is quite unique for any university. It’s a fantastic added benefit for students and it will promote healthy living as well as fun opportunities to meet people and socialize. It’s a great project!

Can you tell us about your day-to-day life?

I don’t stop moving. From studio to studio and meeting to meeting, I am always on the go; always in a hurry to get started on everything I need to tackle during the day. But before I do anything else, I take a minute to have my coffee. Then I workout at Fitclub, have a quick shower, open my laptop and start the day. Between going to the studio and business meetings, I make sure to find time to see friends. And then, I repeat it all the next day.

Can you tell us about your hobbies?

I love both active and social experiences. I enjoy doing sports, eating delicious food (I am a foodie!), cooking, traveling, stretching, singing, dancing and living! One of my favorite hobbies at the moment is cooking for myself and my friends. It’s fun to create new dishes and recipes. My ideal night would be a glass of wine paired with some homemade pesto pasta and excellent music.

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