IEU Experience


Paula García is a graduate of the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics who now works for tech giant Celonis as a CX and strategic programs business analyst. Her role in the Customer Experience department sees her using data to provide real-time insights and inform her decision-making. Paula credits the skills and, just as importantly, the practical experience she gained at IE University as playing a vital part in preparing her for the role.

When I decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree, I was looking for a program that both blended business with analytics and aligned with my professional ambition to leverage data to guide the decision-making process. In the end, my experience at IE University was absolutely instrumental in preparing me for my professional career. 

Now, I’m a highly motivated data scientist, working as a customer experience and strategic programs business analyst at Celonis. I joined the company in September 2022, just a couple of months after graduating.

Why did you choose the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics at IE University?

I chose it for several reasons: firstly, the program‘s focus on analytical skills, combined with business acumen, provided a well-rounded education that’s highly sought-after in today’s data-driven business landscape. Additionally, its emphasis on real-world projects, case studies and collaboration with industry partners appealed to me, as it provided practical experience and a direct connection to the business world.

How did your experience at IE University prepare you for your professional career?

It provided a comprehensive curriculum that blended theoretical knowledge with practical application, equipping me with a strong foundation in the data and business analytics field. Additionally, the university offered various projects and extracurricular activities that allowed me to gain hands-on experience and develop essential skills that were relevant to my career path. These experiences played a crucial role in shaping my understanding of the industry and, ultimately, influenced my decision to pursue my current job in the tech sector and with a company that’s so focused on innovation.

What competitive advantage did studying at IE University provide you?

The university’s emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary learning fostered a unique and dynamic educational environment—and provided me with a significant competitive advantage. This approach encouraged me to think critically, adapt to different perspectives and solve complex problems creatively. Moreover, IE University’s strong international network and extensive connections to industry professionals opened doors for networking opportunities and internships, further enhancing my career prospects.

In your opinion, which skills are needed to succeed in your field?

Certain skills are essential: strong analytical abilities, including data interpretation, statistical analysis and data visualization, are crucial for deriving meaningful insights from vast amounts of information. Additionally, proficiency in programming languages commonly used in data analytics, such as Python or R, is highly valued. 

Effective communication and storytelling skills are also important, as data professionals need to effectively communicate their findings and recommendations to non-technical stakeholders. Lastly, a mindset of continuous learning and the ability to adapt to emerging technologies and techniques are essential in this rapidly evolving field.

Do you have any advice for IE University students looking to pursue a career in your field?

My advice is to be active in seeking opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings. Engage in internships, projects or research initiatives that allow you to work with real-world data and gain hands-on experience. Additionally, networking and building relationships with professionals in the industry can provide valuable insights and open doors to potential job opportunities. Finally, stay updated on the latest trends and developments in data and business analytics, and invest continuously in your skill development through online courses, workshops and certifications.

If someone were considering going to IE University and enrolling in the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics, what would you tell them?

I would highly recommend it. The program offers a unique blend of business and data analytics, equipping students with a distinct competitive advantage in the modern business landscape. The emphasis on practical experience through real-world projects and collaborations with renowned partners in the industry ensures that students are well-prepared for the challenges they will face in their careers. 

Moreover, the university’s international network, strong alumni connections and beneficial career services provide valuable guidance, support and opportunities for professional growth. Overall, I consider it a solid choice for individuals aspiring to excel at the intersection of business and data analytics.