IEU Experience


As virtual events become more accepted, students are beginning to see the value they represent.

They are an incredible opportunity to learn from top professionals in a specific company or sector without any limitations caused by distance. It allows the students to engage with experts thousands of miles away, and ask all those burning questions they’ve had about their field.

At IE University Talent & Careers, we encourage our students to not put their careers on lockdown and participate in as many virtual events, insight experiences, and remote internships as possible. On the last weekend in May, the leading investment management firm PIMCO held an insightful virtual event for students graduating in 2022 and 2023. A number of IE University students were invited to join, including Benedikt Scholz, a second-year student of the Bachelor in Business Administration. We sat down with Benedikt to hear about his experience.

How did you find out about the PIMCO event and what did it contain?

I came upon the PIMCO Prep Program through IE’s Talent & Careers department. It has allowed me to gain a unique insight into the world of asset management through one of the industry’s most prominent players. The event was attended by students from all over the world with an interest in asset management, which provided us with a priceless networking opportunity.

The presentation itself was given by PIMCO Analysts and Associates from different divisions within the firm. They shared their individual stories of how they landed their jobs at PIMCO, and described what their daily life looks like.

What would you highlight about the experience?

I enjoyed both the self-assessment and trading simulation the most. The self-assessment part provided us with personal recommendations as to where we would be best suited at PIMCO, based on our personal interests and skills. Then, the trading simulation gave us an idea of how PIMCO decides which asset classes to invest in, and under what circumstances. 

Although the event was held online, PIMCO’s enthusiasm and passion made the event an exhilarating experience. I will definitely stay in touch with the other participants and will consider applying to PIMCO when the time comes. Until then, I look forward to attending
many more of their events.

PIMCO is one of the world’s premier fixed-income investment managers. IE students were also fortunate to hear from PIMCO representatives at IE University’s first Virtual Talent Forum, which took place from May 18–21, 2020.