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Amine Harboul thrives off of creativity—whether that takes the form of filmmaking, design or branding. He has a passion for storytelling, and that passion took him from Morocco to South Africa and now to Spain.

More specifically, it led him to enroll in the Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media at IE University, where he’s been able to strike the perfect balance between pursuing his creative interests and gaining a solid understanding of the business world. And he doesn’t regret it. According to Amine, IE University encourages him to pursue his passions while developing those professional skills that he’ll need most come graduation.  But his coursework isn’t the only thing that inspires this comms student. Outside the classroom, Amine has participated in the IE Communications Lab, has been involved in a startup called Raia Group, and is currently doing an internship with IE University’s marketing department.

And outside of IE University altogether, you can find Amine pursuing any kind of hobby that involves him creating something with his hands. He loves any form of art, from film to architecture, and enjoys visiting contemporary art museums and going on long walks in nature.

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