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Abdul is originally from Pakistan, but has lived and studied around the world. His global education experience has made him eager to learn about different cultures and has allowed him to gain new perspectives.

He moved to the US for a year when he was 15 as part of the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange & Study program. After this, Abdul attended the United World College in the Netherlands to complete his International Baccalaureate high school diploma. In fact, he earned a full scholarship to study there—one of his greatest achievements considering the low intake of Pakistani students each year. Building upon his international outlook, Abdul chose IE University thanks to its tight-knit community and his program’s professional approach, which he believes has helped him greatly on his educational journey. What’s more, Abdul believes that IE University’s focus on being analytical and efficient is not something that all universities offer. He also enjoys working with others so that he can learn from their experiences and take his understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

Outside of his studies, Abdul takes part in a range of activities. He was a class representative for two academic years, and worked his way up from a member of the academic committee, to advisor to the president, and finally to president of the student government in 2021. He has also interned in the IE University Marketing Department, is the founder and director of IE Think podcasts, and is the campus director for the Hult Prize. Moreover, Abdul is a valued member of the hockey team. His other hobbies include tennis, reading about the banking industry, day trading and exploring philosophical questions.

Abdul is not afraid to dream big and strive for the best, but stays away from the idea of being a perfectionist. In the not too distant future, he sees himself working as a financial analyst alongside his master’s. He then plans to start his own firm that combines both customer service and research to create a customer-centric banking system.

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