Economics is one of the best degrees to study if you want to land a “job of the future”—that is, a job that experienced at least 25% wage growth between 2004 and 2014, and has a salary of at least $57,000 annually, according to the World Economic Forum.

Starting in September 2019, students who want to make a meaningful impact in a globalized world can earn a Bachelor in Economics (BIE) at IE University. This robust and intellectually challenging program is multidisciplinary in nature, and supplements traditional economics classes with updated topics and analytical methods related to the new economy.

Students in IEU’s BIE program will specialize in subfields such as behavioral economics and experimental economics, and will learn how to use quantitative methods from the computer science field to enhance their analyses of economic models and simulations. They may also choose to focus on hot topics such as the sharing economy, crowdfunding, and cryptocurrency, positioning themselves for success in emerging professional fields.

Opportunities for real-world application throughout the course of IEU’s degree program mean that graduates will be well-equipped to become leaders in the careers of their choice. These are just some of the futuristic professional paths that graduates will be prepared to embark on:

Cryptoeconomic research scientist

Though you may have heard of Bitcoin, there are countless other currencies that make up the cryptoeconomy—and just as many budding tech companies seeking qualified candidates. As a cryptoeconomic research scientist, you’d lead the research and development team at a cryptocurrency startup. Applying both your hard skills in data analytics and your theoretical knowledge of economics more generally, you’d have the opportunity to improve existing cryptocurrencies or develop new ones in this role. You’d also gain a deeper understanding of an emerging field and be well-positioned to shape its future trajectory. Jobs in cryptoeconomics have fantastic perks, too. According to AngelList, a popular job board for startups, salaries at cryptocurrency companies are 10-20% higher than the industry norm, and remote gigs are easier to find compared to related fields.

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Crowdfunding consultant

Crowdfunding is a major player in the US healthcare industry. In the past decade, crowdfunding campaigns have raised billions of dollars, and nearly half of these campaigns have been dedicated to covering medical costs, according to a 2016 report by NerdWallet. Graduates from the BIE program at IEU are uniquely well-prepared to influence and lead growth in this industry by applying their expertise in behavioral economics and familiarity with analytical quantitative methods. As a crowdfunding consultant, you’d assist entrepreneurs and organizations in getting their projects off the ground and fully funded. This could mean developing outreach plans based in economic theory, predicting funding outcomes with modeling software, and more. No matter what your project, you’d be helping shift and decentralize the global economic system.

Digital entrepreneur

While some may believe that a background in business is essential to becoming a digital entrepreneur, a Bachelor in Economics can serve as equally useful preparation. Thanks to IEU’s dual focus on traditional economic models and emerging models, graduates are able to predict sector readiness, market forces, and other factors that can influence the feasibility, value, and success of a developing company. These insights poise them to be highly successful in the world of digital entrepreneurship, in which their responsibilities might include management, development, and strategic planning.

Circular economy consultant

“Circular economy” is a term used to describe an economic system that is inherently restorative and regenerative. In this sort of system, value is retained and recycled instead of lost. A consultant who specializes in circular economics advises businesses and organizations that are eager to participate in this disruptive new model, and supports them in their efforts to develop new initiatives and innovations that minimize waste. For example, in this role you might identify new markets for products that would otherwise be waste, assess and predict the feasibility of case studies, foster mutually beneficial partnerships between organizations, or help increase awareness of the circular economy itself. This position is ideal for do-gooders and changemakers interested in using a wide array of skills to make the world a more sustainable place.

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The Bachelor in Economics from IEU is an ideal degree program for students who want to play a part in creating a more just future. Graduates’ knowledge of traditional and cutting-edge economic models, combined with analytical skills based in the latest computer science methods, will allow them to disrupt and improve on existing economic systems, creating deeply-felt and long-term impact.