There are lots of routes to take after you graduate from your Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics at IE University.

There are lots of routes to take after you graduate from your Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics at IE University. Graduates in the field are highly sought after, so you’ll find no shortage of job postings come graduation day.

Apart from providing a dynamic, world-class education, one of the ways we help students land their dream jobs is by giving them the opportunity to do an internship in top multinational companies. You’ll also be able to choose from a range of electives during your final year, so you can tailor your degree to target your preferred industry.

The Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics is an immersive program which will prepare you to dive into the job market. From general data scientist to software engineer, here are some of the options you can expect upon finishing your degree.

Data scientist

Perhaps the most obvious choice for Data and Business Analytics graduates is to become a data scientist. For this, you’ll need to put into practice all you’ve learned during your time at IE University, like how to analyze statistics and apply machine learning to give computers the ability to learn by themselves. You’ll also need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of AI pattern recognition which will help you analyze big data.

You’ll need experience in programming, which you’ll gain during your second year, and plenty of creativity in the way you analyze data results. Once you have all this, you’ll be in high demand.


Data analyst

As an aspiring data analyst, you have to be highly analytical, curious, and mathematical. Designing and carrying out surveys will be a big part of the job. Not only will you have to understand the ins and outs of big data, you’ll also have to be able to communicate your findings articulately to those with a similar amount of knowledge as well as those with nearly none.  So it will be highly advantageous for you to hone your communication skills before entering the market. You can do this at one of our boot camps or labs, where you will work with your classmates on fascinating projects encompassing the fields of communication, finance, and much more.

These will be especially useful for you as posts for data analysts can be found in all industries, so you can get a taste of the field in which you would most like to work before you start job hunting.



Software engineer

Always been captivated by code and computer systems? You could be on the path to becoming a software engineer. Naturally, you’ll need a lot of experience with information systems and applications, and that programming course you take in your second year would come in handy here. Then, in your fourth year, you will take an advanced course in software development.

From that, you’ll have a strong foundation for being able to design, develop, and install software solutions.


Data architect

The role of a data architect is to set data standards for all of a company’s data systems. That means you’ll be defining and setting criteria for how data should be processed and used.

This is a highly crucial role as it obliges a company to get their information flows in check, allowing for more efficient processes and helping save time and increase revenue.

Data Architect


Business intelligence analyst

Do you know what makes a business tick? Becoming a business intelligence analyst could be right up your alley. In this role, you’ll scrutinize data from competitors and discover industry trends to help your company progress and increase profits. You can prepare for this during your advanced business analytics course in your final year, and by taking part in our marketing lab, which will help you learn about brand-building strategies and equip you with the knowledge to help you advise businesses in the real world.


Do these careers entice you? Join IE University

At IEU, we take immense pride in our ability to remain at the vanguard of technology and innovation. Our goal is always to prepare our students for success in their future careers, and we consistently search for new ways to accomplish this.

The Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics at IEU prepares students to successfully fill the growing demand for Data and Business Analytics professionals. Our unique program will help students face the challenges in this field, and encourage them to become well-rounded, motivated, and inquisitive professionals.
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