IEU Experience


Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences student, Connie Ganburged, has come to our Segovia campus to embark on an adventure of cultural, linguistic and academic exchange. From new classmates and getting settled in a new country, to her hopes to give back to her local community in the future, read on to find out what her experience at IE Business School has been like so far.

I’m Connie Ganburged and I’m from Mongolia and the US. I love learning about myself and the people around me, with this interest driving my choice of a bachelor’s degree. While looking at universities, I was seeking a program that would give me a skill set that I could apply to a broad range of areas and sectors, so the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences was the perfect match.

When I found IE Business School, it was so different from what I’m used to; that was why I chose to come here. Not only am I receiving an amazing education, but I also get to immerse myself in so many different cultures, languages and nationalities from all around the world. I learn so much both about and from them and I’m really thankful for that.

What skills do you think a behavior and social sciences student must have in order to be successful?

You need to be curious and really love what you’re studying. You also need to be open-minded about learning things that may make you question what you think you already know about yourself and the world around you. 

The Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences program is oriented around equipping students to drive change locally and on grander scales, so being successful means that you need to have a vision for—and dedication to—transformation.

What distinguishes behavior and social sciences from psychology and sociology?

The Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences is much broader than a degree in either psychology or sociology alone: it combines the two through a multidisciplinary approach. I enjoy the program and my learnings there because you can apply them to so many different things.

Now, after several months in the program, I can envision my classmates and I going down so many different routes—everything from working in consumer analytics to consulting, market research and more. It is a really interesting and useful bachelor’s degree and I’m really excited to see where it will take us.

What’s more, I think this program has the potential to change the world. It helps students become more open to new ideas and experiences. The Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences is so unique in its approach to learning that it will definitely shape future world leaders.

Where do you see the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences leading you?

I see myself becoming a successful businesswoman in Mongolia. In particular, I hope to one day help Mongolian teens and families tackle mental health issues that are currently overlooked. 

On a broader level, I think that my colleagues and I who are studying for this bachelor’s degree are learning more about the drivers of human behavior. We enjoy exploring how to use this knowledge to positively influence consumers, organizations and more. The mentality this program instills will prepare us to impact the world through meaningful change-making.