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We sat down with Alejandro to learn more about his IEU success story.

Alejandro Astiaso is a BBA Class of 2015 graduate. He has already worked for Rocket and now he’s working for LinkedIn in Dublin. We sat down with Alejandro to learn more about his IEU success story.

How did you find out about this job opportunity?

I found this opportunity in an email from IE Career Services.

How did the CMC and your IE experience help you during the recruiting process?

IE University gives you the kind of experience that enables you to step out of your comfort zone and succeed. You learn how to flourish in unfamiliar territory, and explore new challenges. This aspect was important during the recruitment process.

Tell us about the recruitment process with LinkedIn.

First there was the interview at IE University. I was asked to talk about myself and about my knowledge of what LinkedIn does, and their company identity. The second stage was a phone call to test my English and Spanish. We discussed topics similar to the first stage. Finally, I flew to Dublin for three more interviews: an analytical interview, a cultural interview, and a sales-based interview.

The day in Dublin consisted of group icebreakers, distinguished guest speakers, introductions to high-level business leaders, a tour of the campus, and of course the final round interviews.

Other special activities and treats were included along the way. To celebrate the completion of the interviews, the day ended with a casual mixer where we had the opportunity to network with members and leaders of the team.

After the event, they take around two weeks to give you an answer. They might also ask for another interview, or they’ll keep you on a list for future positions that become available.  

Would you like to share any tips or pieces of advice with current student interested in applying to LinkedIn?

Be yourself and act natural; the atmosphere is very friendly and open. All LinkedIn workers will be approaching you in a very welcoming manner as they want you to feel integrated, relaxed, and excited to join their team. Try to have fun and get to know your future colleagues!

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