IEU Experience


This program enables 2nd- and 3rd-year students to shadow lawyers at top firms for a week, providing students with an unforgettable learning experience.

Following the success of the IEU Law Firm Shadowing initiative, a few weeks ago, 20 IE University law students were given the opportunity to participate in this program.

This program enables 2nd- and 3rd-year students to shadow lawyers at top firms for a week, providing students with an unforgettable learning experience. Participating firms this year included Baker & McKenzie, Linklaters, Uria Menéndez, Pérez-Llorca, Watson Farley Williams, Garrigues, and Cuatrecasas, and included positions in Madrid, London, and Brussels.

Students who have taken the time to share their experiences with us stressed the value of this program, stating that it’s a great way of finding out more about their future career path. This opportunity also gives participants the chance to form valuable connections and network with lawyers at leading firms. 

Belén Adell told us that her experience at Pérez-Llorca was unforgettable. “I am very satisfied with the shadowing program and I hope it continues throughout the years. It is an incredible opportunity for IEU students!”

Belén Adell felt that the lawyers were very invested in the student’s experience. “Pérez-Llorca chose young lawyers for us to shadow. They kept making sure we got the most out of the week, speaking to us about all kind of topics they felt could be useful for our professional careers. I really enjoyed the chance to take a look at the internal functioning of the firm.”

“I had the opportunity to shadow at Uria Menéndez’s Brussels office,” said Marit Thomasdotter. “I really liked experiencing firsthand how the office works and what working there is like: who the clients are, the law areas they practice, etc. I also liked seeing how they interact with EU institutions, and I even had the chance to visit the European Parliament with them!”

Mariam Homar was pleasantly surprised when she discovered less visible elements of the day-to-day routine at the firm. “I had the chance to discover the socially conscious side of law firms. While shadowing at Uría Menéndez’s London office, I participated in a volunteer initiative alongside the office lawyers. On this occasion, we volunteered at an elderly home for Spanish retirees living in London. I wasn’t sure about whether or not I wanted to work as a lawyer in the future, but after this week, it’s clearly one of my options!”

“I was very surprised at the teamwork feeling I experienced while shadowing at Cuatrecasas. I felt that they were very engaging and open to new lawyers, and students, like ourselves, who haven’t yet graduated. They say that working is so much easier when the environment is this good,” said Andrea Maroto on her shadowing experience.

Discussing her time shadowing at Watson Farley, Elena Recla told us that the program gave her a clearer vision of the future. “My favorite part was understanding what it is I want to do once I graduate; getting the chance to see the different roles lawyers can have. Speaking to professionals with lots of experience helped me, especially when it comes to finding the best ways to face the competitive job market.”