Is architecture central to our experience of being human? What role does architecture have within the future of society? How does architecture and design affect businesses?

These are just some of the questions that IE University encourages its students to reflect on when studying the Bachelor in Architectural Studies.

From day one, our students are emboldened by the opportunities ahead of them, and they soon come to realize their potential and how to reach it.

The Bachelor in Architectural Studies at IE University has been carefully crafted to help students transform the world around them. The program’s practical approach has been designed to equip students with the skills needed to push the boundaries of design, to think about our environment in different ways, to foster a future-forward and entrepreneurial spirit, and to understand the positive impact their designs can have on society.

Learn how you can become an architect for the modern world and add these 6 invaluable skills to your resume.


Throughout your studies, you will have numerous opportunities to experiment and choose additional modules based on your interests. As such, you will be able to gain a well-rounded insight into all aspects of architecture, including: design, management, and alternative modes of professional practice. This richly diverse combination of approaches will prepare you to respond to any future challenges that may present themselves in the professional world.

Creativity and Innovation

Students have the incredible opportunity to develop their studies at IE University’s Design Studio, created to spark imagination and enhance innovation. It fosters a “culture of learning” approach, where you will have the opportunity to experiment with digital and traditional tools to help fuel practical constructional understanding.

The studios are designed to replicate that of a firm or agency, allowing you to gain a first-hand insight into what life is like in the real-world. This sets you apart from the rest when entering the competitive job market.

Fundamental Applications of Architecture

As an architect, individuals must have a firm understanding of the fundamentals and the application of architecture to society. Combine this with honing skills like defining strategies, organizing projects, leading teams, and sharing personal visions, and you will become a top-leading professional in the field.

Furthermore, the key communication skills you will learn to foster will help you stand out as a versatile architect, with an impressive skill-set and the ability to ideate and execute innovative environments and spaces.

Design Entrepreneurship

Throughout the program, you are able to study additional modules dedicated to design entrepreneurship to help bring your ideas to fruition. No challenge is too big for IE University students as the entrepreneurial mindset you develop from day one helps you unleash your potential. This mindset is enhanced in the IEU Labs and Design Studios where you are able to combine innovation and creativity with entrepreneurial abilities.

Bachelor in Architectural Studies

An International Perspective

The Bachelor in Architectural Studies is one of the world’s most international programs thanks to the incredible opportunities students have to take part in study abroad programs or international internships.

In addition, each year, the IE School of Architecture and Design hosts outstanding talks from industry experts and cross-field pioneers from across the globe.

At IE University, our students champion an international perspective. It is with this perspective that you will be able to become a global game-changer and cross cultural boundaries. From an architectural perspective, you’ll learn how to construct pathways to enable more efficient outcomes within organizations and societies.

Unbeatable Professional Experience

At IE University, our professors understand the importance of real-world work experience. With that in mind, throughout years 2, 3, and 4, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and interact with top studio professionals in the field.

IE School of Architecture and Design has an impressive international reputation which means when you study the Bachelor in Architectural Studies, you’ll have access to an exclusive internship program. World-wide internship destinations include magazines, museums, and NGOs, as well as, of course, architecture and design firms.

You’ll also have the option to complete a further year of study with our one-year master’s program. The Master in Architecture builds on previous knowledge of theoretical and practical principles and enhances students’ creativity and organizational skills, as well as strategic vision at an advanced level.